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Lingel Windows’ Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Unit at Rewari, Haryana


Lingel Windows’ Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Unit at Rewari, Haryana Lingel’s giga factory located at Kapriwas in Rewari, Haryana, is nothing less than a trendsetter for upcoming industry units. What makes the manufacturing unit so special is the geographical positioning of the unit itself: its north, south, east, and west location, and its fenestration.

Since the large glazing at the production area is east and northwest-facing, there is almost no direct sunlight hitting the windows throughout the day, heating up the fabrication facility further. But, at the same time, it gives ambient daylight to the unit, so that the production unit runs without any artificial light almost throughout the day, which saves a lot of energy. Though the south-facing area has the maximum light impact, cantilevers above the windows and the large glazing protect the glass from direct sunlight. The rooms are flooded with sunlight but without heating up the facility.

Metal roof sheetsBoth the production area and the offices have metal roof sheets with large insulation panels on the inner side ensuring that the heat of the metal sheets does not go through the production area and prevents the unit from heating up. At the centre of the roof of the unit, a large opening has been provided; it works as a natural ventilation system. Hot air created inside the factory passes out and the environment, even on a hot summer day, remains pleasant inside.

With 12 metres in eight, throughout the year we have a very comfortable climate in the production area, ensuring better air exchange. In the centre of the fabrication unit is the Lingel control tower houses the company’s core team and the MD’s cabin; with wide views of the production activities taking place. On the 2nd floor is a viewpoint that also serves as an informal space where Lingel members and customers can enjoy the view of the windows being produced. An auditorium is also being constructed on this floor. Also planned is a glass bridge which will be 10 metres above the floor. It will serve as an entertainment factor and help one to take a look at the manufacturing process of the windows.

Lingel factorySince the entire set-up is 4 feet above the ground, it is easy to load and unload the incoming/outgoing Lingel’s super heavy windows onto trucks that come to the required level, also reducing manpower requirements and high costs incurred otherwise.

Lingel’s 150-metre-long fabrication unit works similar to an automotive production line. Various workstations function simultaneously and parallel to each other so that multiple windows can be produced. At the back is a storage space for incoming material, while the windows produced are stored in the front area. This planned straight production line works seamlessly from loading of materials to production to assembly to storage of ready windows to their offloading on trucks for despatch.



The factory is divided into two parts: The left wing is for aluminium production and the right wing is for uPVC production. Since both are placed in a straight line, there is a continuous flow of profiles and finished material from the backend and frontend. This saves time, and labour, and enables quick storage.

Provision has been made for solar panels on the roofing of the production unit. The company plans to install the panels during 2024–25. There is also a rainwater harvesting program for collecting rainwater and reusing it in the landscaping and other areas of the premises.

As per the Haryana government’s safety norms, Lingel has installed fire-fighting equipment, a water storage tank of more than 200,000 litres, three fire safety pumps, and a generator, so that in case of a fire breakout and a power failure, the fire can be doused. On the roof of the building, another storage of 20,000 litres of water has been installed, as an extra precaution.

“One of our prime concerns when setting up the unit was that we wanted all Lingel team members to have a safe and comfortable work environment and to showcase our fabrication process in the best possible way to potential customers visiting the factory.” Mario Schmidt, Managing Director at Lingel India.


Project: Lingel Windows’ Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Unit
Location: Kapriwas, Rewari, Haryana
Architect firm: Ar. Vivek Singh Rao, Rao And Associate Architects, Gurgaon
Size: 90,000 sq feet of occupied space and total area – 125,000 Sq ft.
Year of Completion: September 2022

For more details on the product, contact:
Lingel Windows and Door Technologies Private Limited
Kapriwas, Sec-14 Rewari, Haryana, 123106 India
Phone: +91 9870273743

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