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“Standardisation of Hardware will Only Give Architects a Play of Makes & Brands”

By: Ar. Pranav Kareer, Edifice Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Tell us about the current trends you have noticed in the façade, door and window hardware products?

With the age of digitalisation and trending technology, our building façades have also become a platform for innovation. Starting from an era of punch windows, we moved to curtain glazing (double glazed units) and now we are moving towards the automatically controlled shading devices to algorithm-based façade lighting experiences. It’s a fast-paced segment where every year there are new refined products in the market, and architects need to get updated with the latest in the world. List down a few important aspects to consider while choosing hardware.

Hardware is something which is a game changer in terms of longevity and maintenance. Hardware can really turn a design upside down, thus it needs to be in alignment with one’s vision. Aesthetics is what matters the most to architects, followed by engineering. How sleek the hardware is, how integrated it is, how less its screws are visible – are some favourite questions bumping into our minds.

Is the lack of standardisation of window and door systems one of the major challenges faced by architects and the hardware industry?

Automatic façade openable panels which will be operated in case of fire
Automatic façade openable panels which will be operated in case of fire

Not really. I disagree with that, the standardisation of hardware will only give architects a play of makes/brands. The need of the hour is to know how innovative and design customisable the hardware is. Nowadays, if you see there are a lot of interior and exterior finishes available in the market and thus the hardware industry has to add those into their hardware patterns and design for avoiding them becoming an eye sore for design.

What are the key safety parameters to look for while selecting hardware?

Key parameters have always been depending on where you are installing this hardware – In interiors or exterior façades.

  • Ease of functionality, durability, high quality and safety are what a priority is.
  • Aesthetics – Visually appealing hardware systems tend to compliment the design of the building, fabulously giving an eccentric look.
  • Supply – Does the supply to our site will be fitting within our timelines of the project or not?
  • Technology – If we are looking for an innovative solution for a space that requires an innovative solution.

Do you find it difficult to get quality hardware for a reasonable price in the Indian market?

In all buildings, architectural hardware plays a massive role. While investing in these products, one must consider various factors and pick the one that fits their requirements. Also, analysing various elements like quality, material, safety, visual appeal, the design of the building, etc., often helps one to invest smartly in these products. In Indian markets, selecting good hardware has always been a tough job as the mid-range segment hardware does not provide you with a lot of flexibility in terms of finish and designs.

Ar. Pranav Kareer, Edifice Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Project Architect

Ar. Pranav Kareer is a Project Architect at Edifice Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

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