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UWDMA Holds ‘UWDMA-Vision 2020’ Meeting In Goa


The uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturers Association (UWDMA) held its meeting “UWDMA Vision 2020” in Goa. The meeting reviewed the accomplishments of the year 2017-2018 and chalked out a set of activities and missions to be achieved by 2020. All the key players and members of the association attended the meeting.

With a warm greeting by Amit Malhotra, Marketing Head and Treasurer of UWDMA, the event proceeded with the highlight of the core agenda of the meeting. This was followed by a keynote address by Mario Schmidt, President of UWDMA. He gave updates on various developments of the association, including the meeting with the government of Jaipur to finalise the MOU for setting up of UWDMA training centre at ITI Bhiwadi, UWDMA to get official status of TPA registered agency soon, which is in the process, formation of working teams for UWDMA certified Window Manufacturer Programme, etc.

uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturers Association
All the key players and members of the association attended the meeting

On the financial front, Malhotra announced that the financial year 2017-18 was a positive and successful year for UWDMA. He shared that the strength of UWDMA had grown impressively with the addition of 41 members in last 6 months, and many had applied for membership, which are currently in the process of discussion. He explained about the primary roles and responsibilities of regional members in details, and discussed about the proposed planning and execution of future ABCD (Architects, Builders, Contractors, Developers) events.

uPVC Windows & Doors
The Event commenced with a Warm Greeting by Amit Malhotra

UWDMA’s Secretary Satish Kumar also apprised on the recent initiatives of UWDMA, including submission of preliminary drafts on uPVC standards to the Bureau of Indian Standards, technical team to complete installation manual by June 30, 2018, etc. He expressed that 2017-18 so far has been actively successful for UWDMA in creating mass awareness and adding value to the industry.

uPVC Windows & Doors
A Jam-Packed Session

Besides, many healthy brainstorming discussions took place among its members. During the discussion, Schmidt advised all members to come forward with donation and assistance for skill training centre at Bhiwadi-ITI. He announced that Lingel will donate one lakh for the training centre for acquiring machines and other required equipment. They also discussed rigorously to concretise their initiative on the UWDMA certified window manufacturer programme.

uPVC Windows & Doors
Enthusiastic UWDMA Members at the Event

To raise more awareness about the benefits of uPVC doors and windows, the association is set to invest on social media and campaign which will help in disseminating the right information to the end-users. They also analysed the market scenario with interesting insights from the members on the quality and value of uPVC vs aluminium system. They noted that the importance of bringing more innovation to stabilize the market instead of price relaxation. Further, the discussion emphasized on the enforcement of certain guidelines and standards for the Indian market to enable filter between the good and bad quality.

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