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Lingel Launches One Of Its Kind Smart Window ‘Smart Li’


Lingel, a German-based window customer first and door company, recently launched Smart Li at the Ace Tech exhibition in Delhi. This smart Lingel windows is its latest innovation which has various features to make life easy and comfortable.

Lingel Windows Smart Li is a break through when it comes to window and door technology with special features. It has smart phone-application as control panel and received all important information and development on the mobile phone. It features inbuilt security system, which is controlled by WiFi sensor, there are no wires required and it works on finger sensor. It can control the opening and closing of doors. The inbuilt air purifier indicates the presence of pollution amount in the room and when the filters need to be changed. It also has smoke detector that detects when any fire mishap occurs. The inbuilt rain sensor is a useful add on which provides information about maintenance and housekeeping if it is raining outside.

Mario Schmidt, Managing Director of Lingel Windows and Doors, said, “We believe we have to move with time. With technology booming in every sphere we as a brand also need to constantly explore new avenues to get to the next level. We have earlier won the Design Wall 2016 awards for the same product. Our customers who have trusted us in the past 11 years can continue to do so with the new launches that we have had for them”.

Lingel recently launched Lingel 6.0 Aluminium windows. It is a forward looking brand which believes in innovation and putting customer first.

For more details on the product, contact: Mario Schmidt,, Mobile number: 8800 199 641

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