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Sudhakar Windows and Doors

A Decade of Industry Leadership: Celebrating 10 Years of WFM Media


A decade ago, the spark of an idea ignited a journey to redefine an industry. Today, reflecting on a decade of thought leadership and industry evolution, we stand at the forefront of a multi-billion-dollar façade and fenestration sphere.

Amidst India’s rapid transformation, our media house has stood resilient for 10 years, fostering trust and portraying the dynamic realities of this ever-expanding industry. From a city-centric perspective to the global stage, “” emerged, charting an incredible course since our Middle East startup in 2017.

As we step into the next decade, anticipate brilliance. We pledge a celebration of growth, a toast to India’s ascendancy, and a global narrative in facades, fenestration, business technologies, products, and services.

Join us in the celebration of our 10th edition, a testament to our unwavering commitment and global impact!

Stay connected on LinkedIn and other platforms for exciting updates, including the launch of our new carousel format platform.

Wishing you a stellar 2024 filled with success, where façades stand tall, but hearts remain pure.

“Humne hamesha kiya hai- thoda hattke, Kyunki jo sab karte hain, vo hum nahi karte!

Jai Hind II Jai Bharat

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Sudhakar Windows and Doors

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