Tell us about your experience in business and in the market

I have 10 Years of experience into manufacturing of HPL – 4 Production lines producing over 125 Lac square feet of material per month.

Please brief on the generic organizational profile and structure of your company

Cedar Decor is a Private Limited Company with two
company owned depots in Delhi and Chandigarh. We have over 60 distributors who in turn have over 10,000 authorized dealers selling our product pan India. Internationally we have distributors in Nepal, Russia, Singapore and Dubai. We also export routinely to Kenya and Bahrain.


What are the main line of products manufactured and marketed by your company pertaining to façade & fenestration?

For facades we have Exterior Grade Compact Laminates. All our exterior products are certified from Germany by EPH. We offer 10 year warranty on “All Our Exterior Products are Certified from Germany by EPH” Advertorial our exterior grade products. All details can be found on

Please brief on Cedar’s contribution in bringing about the current revolution in this industry (Façade /windows/doors applications)?

After personally researching the exterior compact product for over two years, I was able to develop a quality product (with 10 years warranty) and German Lab certification made for and, most importantly, priced for the Indian market.

Where are your products manufactured?

All our products are manufactured in India. We are in Design collaboration with Schattdecor, Germany; and UV technology from Evonik Industries, Germany.

What are the advantages of your products?

Our products have the following advantages: They have 100% UV Protection, chemical resistance, high sound insulation, impact resistance, climate stability, thickness precision, etc. and are anti-graffiti and anti-soiling. Moreover, they are termite and borer proof, scratch resistant and easy to clean.

We have a catalog of popular façade designs developed in collaboration with Schattdecor, Germany. Custom designs can also be developed based on customer requirements.

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