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Aludecor Presents the Antibacterial-Antiviral ACPs


The pandemic continues to disturb everyday lives worldwide. Studies indicate that the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 remains active for several hours to days on surfaces and in aerosols. However, the survival of the virus depends on various factors like the surface type, temperature conditions, viral strain, and more. Aludecor – a company that has always kept in mind the health and safety of society at large has crafted India’s first antibacterial/ bactericidal ACP, AG+. These specially-curated antimicrobial ACP sheets can be considered an effective solution in keeping the indoors bacteria/virus-free.

Working Mechanism of Antibacterial-Antiviral ACPs by AludecorThe antimicrobial surface coatings (on aluminium composite panels) are lauded to be effective against any virus and bacteria. When applied on walls, pillars, modular cabinets, etc., these coatings prevent microbial adhesion following the development of biofilm, thereby reducing the risk of environmental infections in the interiors.

One of the leading research industries in Israel is developing anti-coronavirus surface coatings composed of nanoparticles of safe metal ions and polymers, such as copper, that can illuminate the coronavirus particles that stick on it. Following a similar kind of technology, Aludecor uses silver ions in the specially treated paint coating of its AG+ ACPs that works against the bacterial or viral cell by blocking those substances that help these microbial cells to sustain.

Aludecor AG+ Antibacterial ACP sheets can work magic during these unprecedented times. This Antimicrobial ACPs will provide you and your family with effective and maximum protection against bacteria and viruses year after year. What you have to do is get Aludecor AG+ ACPs installed in your spaces and create a safety shield for your near and dear ones.

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