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National Aluminium Ginco’s Ajman Hub Ensuring Fire-Proof Façade


UAE’s National Aluminium Ginco has been adopting the highest standards to ensure the steel and Aluminium panels it supplies to vital projects backed by the likes of Dubai Municipality are of the highest calibre. National Aluminium Ginco is a subsidiary of the UAE’s Ginco Group of Companies.

The company’s factory is located in Ajman and is equipped with efficient machinery and dedicated workers, this base fabricates steel and Aluminium cladding that is delivered to construction sites in the UAE, as well as Africa, and Russia among others.

Expressing his views Syed Nasir, National Aluminium Ginco’s, Commercial Manager and the man in charge of quality, health, safety, and the environment (QHSE) said, “ Fire safety here falls into two categories: products and people. The company’s internal policy sets this out clearly it states that safety will never be sacrificed for industrial progress or profitability, and safety is integral.

We follow the Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) regulations and Fire safety is an important part of the orientation for new employees, and regular fire safety risk assessments are carried out to “illuminate or isolate” potential hazards. If we identify anything that could become a risk, we eliminate it. Our approach is to eliminate any fire hazards to make sure our factory is safe and secure”.

When it comes to ensuring the steel and Aluminium panels is fireproof, the company’s commitment is similarly unwavering. All new products undergo testing at the Dubai Central Laboratory, which is run by the Dubai Municipality, and the business boasts of other rigorous tests to ensure compliance with government regulations. The company did, however, face a challenge when major façades and cladding changes had to be made, following the rollout of the UAE’s updated Fire and Life Safety Code in 2018.

Nasir also added that “the Fire Safety Code has increased our material costs, but by using new materials, the entire façade is more protected, so fires do not propagate to other floors. By doing it this way, we are reducing the risk of fire propagation. It is very important to fireproof Aluminium façades because if you look at the total envelope of a building in Dubai, it is mainly covered in façade items. If you do not cover it with fireproof materials it will burn quickly. This is why it is very important to use the best materials”.

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