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Axalta Introduces High Performance Thermoplastic Powder Coatings in UAE


Axalta Coating Systems, one of the leading global suppliers of liquid and powder coatings, has completed a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance thermoplastic powder coatings combining the highest level of corrosion protection, security and cost-effectiveness for the operator as well as a simple and environmentally friendly application.

Thermoplastic powder coating used for water infrastructure
Thermoplastic powder coating used for water infrastructure

Axalta-engineered thermoplastic powder coatings are designed for toughness and chip resistance without a primer. They provide excellent corrosion protection and weathering resistance and can be sprayed electrostatically, or fluid bed dipped by Axalta’s specialized applicators. Axalta thermoplastic powder coatings are tough enough for lasting performance in a wide variety of aggressive environments and exterior applications, including outdoor furniture, light poles, sign posts, playground equipment, railings and stairways, fencing, cable grids, water transportation pipes, valves and fittings etc.

With the products Plascoat® PPA571, Abcite® 1060, Axalta’s thermoplastic portfolio covers the specific requirements of a large variety of applications for the building industry and landscaping providing long-lasting protection and proven performance. In addition to the numerous certificates and approvals, Axalta thermoplastic coatings rely on more than 20 years of maintenance-free references all around the globe, including the Middle East region. Lamp posts, street furniture, thousands of kilometers of fences or even manholes have been coated in the Middle East for years using Axalta’s outstanding products.

Sandstorms, extreme temperature variations, UV exposures and high humidity could give any coating a hard time, but not for Axalta’s. After 20 years of service, the coating is still in place showing no damage at all. The keys to the success are the advantage of a unique technology, easiness to apply, environmentally-friendly qualities (PVC & VOC free), and a local support of experts offering the best service and advice to their customers.

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