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BOSS Launches UNI-SEAL – A New Low VOC Product with Superior Formula


BOSS PRODUCT has launched its new Low VOC product with superior formula, UNI-SEAL, for sale in the Indian market. UNI-SEAL is a high-quality, plasto-elastic, one-component joint sealant based on siliconized acrylic dispersions, developed by the research and development unit of BOSS Product headquartered in Belgium, especially for the door and window industry.

UNI-Seal by BossBOSS is an international brand headquartered in Belgium that manufactures in Chennai in India and has a wide sales network all over India, offering insulation and sealing and adhesive products in the construction, automotive, industry and retail sectors. One of the most important measurement units of development in the world is environmental consciousness. Another important criterion is the importance given to human health. In addition, with the development of nanotechnology, significant improvements have been experienced in chemical products and these developments have paved the way for the use of elastomer products. With this change, these types of products have started to be used in the sealant industry.

With this change, there has been a serious decrease in the use of products in which substances harmful to nature and human health are used. These nature and human-friendly products are technically named Lov Voc. (Low VOC refers to volatile organic compounds that are not harmful to the environment and humans.) BOSS products are trusted by the best professionals, architects, and specifiers in the industry. They strive to innovate by delivering next-generation products that offer superior performance while exceeding international & local building codes and environmental standards. They follow international quality standards in production, management and after-sales services.

The product is water-based. Therefore, it is very easy to apply and can be shaped, and it can be painted. Therefore, it is a miraculous solution, especially for idealist architects who desire aesthetically correct finishes. Thanks to the preservatives that increase the UV resistance in its formulation, it gives very good results on exteriors. And thanks to the high-quality elastomers it contains, it has a stretching feature between 15% and 20%.

UNI-Seal by BossBesides the technological features, orders of 30 boxes or more can be shipped to all of India with the feature of free delivery. The delivery point does not need to be an OD location in the contracted logistics companies. We can briefly summarize the technical structure and applications of the UNI-SEAL product as follows.

UNI-SEAL Characteristics:

• Interior & exterior purpose
• Excellent crack bridging properties
• Perimeter sealing
• Excellent movement capability UNI-SEAL Applications:
• Joints with movements up to 15% – 20%.
• Sealing compound for cracks in concrete and plaster
• Connection joints in the building industry
• Joints between windowsills (uPVC, aluminium & wood), between skirting board and floor, between brickwork, etc.

Official India Distributor:
Doctor Window Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: +91 075054 44444

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