ACPs are used extensively in India. While the majority of the ACP market in India is filled with 3mm ACP, there has been no fire retardant version of the same. Thus, Citybond brings an affordable premium quality FRACP, Agniguard, in the Indian architectural market taking the much needed step towards creating fire safe spaces in our country. Citybond’s Agniguard is a very high grade FR product with a mineral filled core and halogen free chemical which reduces the intensity and spread of fire with low smoke emission and a nontoxic smoke facilitates safer escape routes and facilitate to better firefighting approach.

Due to its fire resistant core (FR Core), it meets the higher requirements of fire classifications while offering the proven product properties of the ACP family, such as flatness, form-ability, resistance to wear and simple processing. The superb properties of this material boost one’s inspiration and offer architecture a wide range of solutions while meeting fire performance requirements of today’s building standards. Agniguard is also available in most of the current finishes and most custom colours.

Citybond’s FR- ACP Agniguard is a green material, as there is no harmful burning. It meets the highest requirements of the fire regulations and is, therefore, the ideal material for all areas where fire protection plays an important role– be it for high-rise or industrial buildings, public buildings, shopping malls, hospitals or hotels.

After years of hard work and persistence, Citybond, the brand under the flagship of Unistone Panels Pvt. Ltd, has established itself as trustworthy and a sound player in manufacturing and exporting of Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs) certified with ISO 9001:2008 certifications for complying with the International Quality Standards and performing the Quality Management System.

Founded by two dynamic enthusiasts Lalit Mittal and Mohit Mittal, with a vision of changing the landscape of the country for the better, their efforts and hard work succeeded in the progress and sustainability of Citybond contributing to the overall growth of ACP industry and raising the new standards of quality and service.

Citybond develops ACP products on a large global scale. Their range of ACP sheets is tested in a well defined Quality Process System of International Standards. They are diligently supported by teams of skilled technicians, managers, and executives. Their advanced production facilities are highly equipped with latest machines and they use modern technologies to carry out seamless production. During the last few years, Citybond has established itself as the most preferred brand and has spread its networks throughout India having dealers/distributors and own offices cum warehouses.

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