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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

Code Handle® for Additional Security of Doors and Windows


Code Handle ® offers additional security and convenience to any internal door or window. They are simple to fit with no cables and can be unlocked with a short PIN code.

Code Handle® Door

It is perfect for securing any private room from an adjoining public area. It works with an electronic ‘pin’ code to make sure only authorized people, like staff, can unlock the door. Press a 4-digit code on the handle’s keypad, and the door opens. You could continue using a key-operated lock on every internal door. But then you have to keep track of all the keys and remember where they are every time. For busy doors, chasing up keys becomes a full-time job. The solution is the simple, affordable Code Handle®.

Upgrading your doors is straightforward because Code Handle® is easy to install and retrofit. It works together with your existing locking unit: keep your cylinder or lock and only change the handle to a battery-powered Code Handle®. All it takes is two screws to fit a Code Handle® on almost any interior door. No need to cable the door or connect it to the mains. An all-in-one secure PIN and door handle keeps casual intrusion at bay — and keeps you on the right side of compliance.

Code Handle Window

Code Handle® Window is a handle for not only windows, but also for the terrace/balcony doors which also has a built-in code lock. The handle is locked by just pressing a single button on the keypad within the handle and is opened by pressing a 4-6 digit code.

There is no need for keys that are too accessible or misplaced. And if the code comes into the wrong hands, it is easily changed into a new one. Perfect for keeping burglars at bay from schools, public buildings, offices and retirement homes. Code Handle® offers enhanced security in both commercial and residential buildings.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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