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Did Aludecor Crack the Code of Tomorrow’s Cladding Revolution?


“Crafting Innovation, Unveiling Distinction – Aludecor is ready with its honeycomb aluminium panels for the new age architects. From real estate to the transport industry, NexComb– as Aludecor has named these panels – is a revolutionary force in architecture, transcending industries; impacting aviation, automotive, manufacturing, & renewable energy. Lightweight & robust, NexComb redefines design possibilities and contributes to eco-friendly solutions, revolutionizing various sectors across the globe. And there’s more to the story, Aludecor is the exclusive ACP manufacturer in India that has the in-house honeycomb core production facility”


Imagine the dynamics where architecture becomes an art of secrets, where strength whispers tales of resilience, versatility is weaved in every pattern, and aesthetic appeal is the enigma that captivates every gaze. Well, before you eye roll and call it “too much”, let us introduce the newest offering from the house of Aludecor – NexComb.

NexComb, the honeycomb aluminium panels, is the harbinger of a design revolution, ready to be the protagonist in a story that transcends boundaries. As the urban landscape transforms, NexComb emerges as the linchpin redefining possibilities, leveraging form and functionality. Brace yourself for a design journey where innovation meets urban flair, and NexComb takes centre stage in shaping the future of architectural narratives!


honeycomb coresInspired by the intricate honeycombs found in nature, the genesis of this groundbreaking idea led architects and engineers to replicate nature’s strength and efficiency in man-made materials. Dating back over 3,000 years, the history of aluminium honeycomb panels can be traced to ancient Greece, where the hexagonal shape, noted for its efficient use of space, gained recognition.

The Pantheon in Rome showcased early honeycomb structures, & by the 1600s, Galileo & Robert Hooke explored the properties of hollow solids. In 1859, Charles Darwin praised the perfection of hive-bee combs in economizing labour and wax. Honeycomb production techniques were established by 1901, with Hugo Junkers patenting honeycomb cores in 1915 for aircraft.


Like in every step of its 22-year journey, Aludecor has a standout feature for its honeycomb aluminium panels (NexComb) as well.

At the heart of NexComb lies Nexcore, a technological marvel developed by Aludecor. This honeycomb core sets Aludecor apart as the first and only ACP manufacturing company in India to produce honeycomb core. What makes Nexcore truly exceptional is its ability to strike a balance between lightweight construction and high strength, a combination that has become the cornerstone of modern architectural design. As the only company in India to produce such a revolutionary core, Aludecor has positioned itself at the forefront of pioneering innovation in the cladding industry.

NexComb is not merely a product; it is a testament to Aludecor’s commitment to providing architects and builders with cutting-edge solutions that go beyond conventional boundaries.

NexComb the honeycomb aluminium panels


Unmatched Strength Metrics

NexComb boasts impressive compressive and tensile strength. NexComb sets itself apart with its outstanding compressive and tensile strength, establishing a benchmark for structural integrity and reliability across various applications.

Brilliant Peel Strength

The advanced mechanized glue spreader contributes to NexComb’s exceptional peel strength, resulting in a lightweight yet robust panel.

Design Freedom Amplified

Boasting remarkable compressive and tensile strength, NexComb panels range from 6mm to 100mm, providing architects and designers the flexibility to embark on new-age design ventures.

Material Versatility: NexComb Customizable in Aluminium, Zinc, and Stainless Steel

Harness the adaptability of NexComb as it can be tailored in a variety of materials, including aluminium alloys, Zinc, and stainless steel, providing a versatile solution for diverse project requirements.

Precision in Colour: In-House Coil Coating Offers Huge Potential for Customisation

Take control of the aesthetic narrative with Aludecor’s in-house coil coating line, allowing for precise customization of NexComb panels in a rich spectrum of colours and shades. This is a huge bonus for all the architects and design consultants who wishes to make their projects stand out from the crowd.

Technological Excellence and Safety Assurance: Aludecor Certified for Fire-Retardant Core

Trust in NexComb’s technological sophistication as Aludecor stands as the sole certified Indian company with the expertise to manufacture fire-retardant cores, ensuring an elevated standard of safety in construction projects.

Ever Evolving

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing base and an internationally acclaimed research and development team, NexComb emerges as one of the most advanced offerings in the cladding industry, exemplifying Aludecor’s commitment to innovation and excellence.


NexComb by Aludecor is a structurally powerful and sustainable aluminium honeycomb panel. It embodies environmental consciousness by using recyclable materials and aligning with global sustainability goals. Aludecor’s legacy is rooted in giving back to the Earth, ensuring progress and sustainability go hand in hand. With NexComb, Aludecor remains a trusted leader in the cladding industry, shaping the architectural landscape and inspiring a future of ground-breaking materials with a positive impact.

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