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Effisus Unveils ‘A2 Class’ Fire-rated Waterproof Membrane


Effisus has recently unveiled a non-combustible waterproofing breathable membrane for façades. It is a highly differentiated alternative to the combustible breather membranes currently used on façades everywhere. Effisus FR membrane was tested in accordance with EN 13501-1 and has obtained an ‘A2 class’ classification. It is also in accordance with ASTM E84 and has obtained ‘A class’ (or ‘class 1’) classification. It is CE certified according to EN 13859:2 – flexible sheets for waterproofing.

Effisus FR ‘A2 class’ fire resistant membrane is available in rolls
Effisus FR ‘A2 class’ fire resistant membrane is available in rolls of 1.07m width and 93.45m length

The Effisus FR membrane is a wall lining waterproofing membrane that is vapour permeable (diffusion open) and is highly tear resistant. It guarantees optimum protection for the structure behind the external cladding against wind, dampness and driving rain. It is permeable to vapour diffusion, but 100% water tight and wind tight. It has an exceptional UV resistance and is suitable for façades with open or closed joints. It comes with a large range of accessories that allows its easy installation on the most demanding projects.

Effisus provides excellence in weatherproofing solutions for the building envelope construction segment, maximising building performance and its lifetime. The product primarily focuses on optimising the needs of each project, supported by extensive consulting services. The company aims to leverage strong partnerships in order to achieve efficient sustainability from start to finish.

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