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Emirates Glass becomes an Authorised Dealer of Feather Friendly® Bird Collision Technology


Emirates Glass LLC has signed an agreement with Feather Friendly Technologies Inc., based in Canada to be an authorized dealer of Feather Friendly® Bird Collision Technology across the UAE and the GCC region. The products, constructed of bird-friendly materials, meet specified design standards and are intended to reduce bird strikes.

The partnership highlights the rising awareness and needs for sustainable bird-friendly glass in architecture, providing architects with a newly tested and safe glass choice for building façades providing a good balance between transparency and reflectivity.

“With the modern building façades evolving at a rapid pace and with glass continuing to make up more and more of the external building envelope, it is likely that the number of birds affected by the glass collision problem, leading to fatal impacts, is on the rise and this technology is an answer to this problem. Our partnership with Feather Friendly Technologies Inc. is not only aimed at providing a solution but is also aimed at reiterating the company’s support towards larger environmental issues”, said Rizwanulla Khan, Executive President, of Emirates Glass LLC.

“Unfortunately, our buildings have become a death trap for billions of birds each year,” said Paul Groleau, Vice President, Feather Friendly Technologies Inc. “This technology comprises of enhanced pattern that’s more visible to birds than it is to humans, which helps to prevent these collisions and ensures maximum transparency while maintaining the aesthetical appeal of glass in architecture”.

Feather Friendly® Bird Deterrent Technology is designed to protect birds while enhancing the building’s design. It is an easy-to-use and unobtrusive window application that is barely noticeable to humans but highly effective in allowing birds to ‘see’ the windows, allowing them to avoid deadly collisions.

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