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Emirates Glass Introduces SmartLite


SmartLite, a switchable glass that changes its appearance on demand by using electric current, is now produced within the UAE by Emirates Glass, a subsidiary of Dubai Investments PJSC and a leading architectural glass manufacturer and processor in the Middle East.

Rizwanulla Khan
Rizwanulla Khan

At the launch of SmartLite, Rizwanulla Khan, Executive President commented that “Smart lite from Emirates Glass is designed to offer a sophisticated and pragmatic solution to on-demand privacy requirements. The deliverables encompass a complete package from product design over fabrication to installation on site.

We pride ourselves in offering new products and quality service to our customers and being a trusted local partner for all glazing solutions, no matter how complex.” SmartLite has two operational states “on” and “off”, in the “on” state SmartLite is transparent with full visibility through the glass pane, whereas it appears translucent in the “off” state, allowing a decent amount of light to pass through but effectively preventing see-through. It uses a combination of special technical sheets (PDLC = Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) which contain liquid crystals.

Smartlite Glass
Smartlite Glass

In the “off” state the molecules of the PDLC sheet are randomly scattered which decreases visibility to zero and giving the glass a milky white appearance. In the “on” state electrical current causes the molecules of the PDLC sheet to be uniformly arranged in order to see through the glass. EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) interlayers are used to stick the PDLC sheet firmly to the glass. SmartLite can be operated via wall mounted switches or remote control.

SmartLite changes its state in a time span of 400 milliseconds and so the quandaries of the curtains getting dirty can now be easily replaced with SmartLite. While it provides privacy it also blocks ultraviolet rays (UV).

SmartLite can be used as partition wall for conference rooms in offices, consultation and patient rooms in clinics and hospitals, designer bathrooms and living rooms, but also in banks and safe deposit box areas, and any other place where security and discretion is important.

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