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Emirates Glass Launches Anti Reflective Glass – ARMAX in the UAE & GCC Market


ARMAX anti-reflective glass from Emirates Glass is a new product for use in the architectural glass, façade, retail and entertainment industry. ARMAX reduces the effect of reflections and allows an undisturbed and crystal-clear view through glass – even at night.

Leading Technology Development From The Heart Of The UAE

Rizwanulla Khan, Executive President of Emirates Glass LLC says, “Through the introduction of ARMAX in the UAE and GCC market, we are able to deliver a truly innovative, high-performance anti-reflective glass.

It reflects Emirates Glass’ commitment to continue bringing exceptional and innovative glass solutions to the market by utilizing our cutting-edge technology and talented team.”

Emirates Glass Solves The Problem With Reflecting Glass

Aside from letting sunlight into the interior of a building, one of the main reasons for using glass in so many applications is that it allows us to see through it. However, everyone has been taunted by un-escapable reflections – of one’s own mirror image or the various light sources, such as the big chandelier while trying to enjoy the view through the window of your favourite restaurant.

Similarly, everyone has used their hands to block out reflections while trying to look at an item of desire in a shop window or examining an artefact in a gallery or museum. Emirates Glass solved this problem with ARMAX – vision perfected.

Impressive Specifications Of ARMAX Cater To Numerous Industries And Applications

With an overall reflectance as low as 1.7% – in comparison to 8% for regular clear glass – and a visible light transmission of 97% ARMAX-coated glass appears almost invisible and is suitable for all applications where high transparency and clarity are important. Impressive use of ARMAX ranges from luxury apartments and villas, over viewing decks and platforms of iconic skyscrapers, to shop windows and display cases for retail outlets, museums and galleries.

Thought Leadership And Expertise In Product Development

The development work for this special-purpose coating started in 2016. In order to achieve the required optical performance, it was important to design the layer stack such that the combined effect of individual microscopic layers resulted in the reduction of visible light reflection from the glass surfaces and therefore, an increase in visible light transmittance through the glass surface.

This enables the viewer to see through the glass rather than see at it. The product has been tested to ensure durability and weather resistance even in the harshest of climatic conditions.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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