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EUROBOND Fire Retardant Series – A Game Changer in Fire Safety

By: Divyam Shah, Eurobond - Euro Panel Products Limited

How advanced is fire safety in India according to you?

The technology for fire-safe façades is available, but there is a lack of awareness and understanding of the same. We tend to make more economic decisions rather than fire safety-conscious decisions. But fortunately, things are changing very fast, and decision-makers are becoming more responsible and accountable. Testing and specification of the FR products should be done strictly to avoid fire hazards.

What kind of products should be used for fire-safe façades?

“Non-combustible” is always the best, but due to economic considerations at least “limited combustible” products should be used. Such products should be used that do not spread fire, do not emit toxic smoke, or burning droplets, and exhibit self-extinguishing behaviour.

Tell us about your fire-retardant Panels?

Under non-combustible Class A2, we have mineral core “EUROBOND FR A2” and under limited combustible Class B, we have mineral core “EUROBOND FR Plus”, comprehensive quality assurance by a global Fire test expert, Warrington fire Lab, UK. We also have advanced FR materials such as EUROBOND ACCP (Aluminium core composite panels) and EUROBOND Honeycomb Panels that are lightweight but strong and completely recyclable.

Is there a difference between a product tested and a product certified for fire performance?

In the case of a test certificate for a specific fire test, a sample is sent to the lab for analysis, and just that sample is examined and issued the test certificate. In the case of FPC (Factory Production Certificate), is a comprehensive quality assurance plan called the CERTIFIER Program for a period of 3 to a 5-year agreement signed by the sponsor company and the Testing Agency (Exova Warrington Fire Lab). This means the Certification Agency governs the FR production process through periodic audits and checks along with the reviews of the complete production method, process parameters, all production records of raw materials used, testing parameters decided, and criteria of acceptance records. The certificate shall be revoked if any quality discrepancies are found. Thus, users should always check for EN 13501 certifications rather than tests.

Eurobond has been established in India for the past 20 years. Please tell us about your major milestones? What are your future expansion plans?

Our main focus always has been on technological advancements and product transformations. We follow the 3M mantra, which stands for Machine, Manpower, and Mindset. As a result, we were the first Indian ACP business to have an in-house Honeycomb manufacturing operation and the first ACP company in India to be listed on the National Stock Exchange. In the future, we want to be the global leaders for quality, innovation, and dynamism in the façade industry.

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Divyam Shah, Eurobond - Euro Panel Products Limited

Whole-time Director

Divyam Shah is the Whole-time Director of Eurobond - Euro Panel Products Limited

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