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EUROBOND Launches Self-Healing Zinc panels


EUROBOND recently hosted an event with RHEINZINK, launching Self-healing zinc panels for facades. This partnership is a vital response to the escalating demand for sustainable solutions in the construction and infrastructure sector.

As environmental concerns intensify, the need for green, recyclable, & sustainable products in construction becomes evident. The industry’s significant environmental impact makes the choice of materials critical in addressing these challenges.

EUROBOND’s alliance with RHEINZINK, a global leader in Architectural Zinc manufacturing, reflects a commitment to incorporating top-tier technology into their offerings with their combined legacy of 2 centuries. RHEINZINK’s Self-Healing Zinc Panels, produced through a patented Pre-Patina process with responsibly sourced Scandinavian materials, achieve an impressive 50% reduction (36,000 tons) in CO2 emissions.

This partnership underscores EUROBOND’s dedication to aesthetics, durability, & sustainability, contributing to environmental conservation. Their Zinc Panels, with self-healing properties and up to 100 years of service life, align with the global shift toward greener construction practices, offering a sustainable solution for facades and promoting a sustainable future.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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