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EUROCOMB – The Panel of the Future Thick, Strong and Light


Humans always want the best. Be it good looks with intelligence or a healthy diet with an amazing physique. We think of the most abrupt combinations to satisfy our wants but it seldom happens! But what if we tell you that now it is possible? The constant hunger for innovation and creativity has led Eurobond to bring to you everything you desire in one!

Introducing the pioneer in the industry of façade panels – EUROCOMB! A sandwich panel with an aluminium honeycomb structure at its core provides invaluable strength along with its incredibly lightweight design. The hollow gaps in the core lighten the weight while the honeycomb structure of the core provides it with unmatched shear strength. On top of it, these panels are completely recyclable and environment friendly.

Eurocomb Facade Panels by EurobondEUROCOMB is the epitome of ‘everything you can ask for’ in one product. The qualities like fire-retardant, 15-year warranty, light in weight, high strength and amazing panel performance make it ideal for high-rise façades. Another feather to the cap is that not only the internal features of the product are impressive but external processes like installation are never a hassle with EUROCOMB. Be its aesthetic design, decorative outlook or easy installation, the product is as versatile as it can get to provide you with the best experience.

This corrosion-free, recyclable honeycomb-shaped panel also provides superior sound insulation that makes them ideal for offices, corporate houses, hospitals, schools, colleges, airports, and your personal spaces. Not only can you completely trust the strength and quality of EUROCOMB, but enjoy your privacy without the fear of external disturbances! Didn’t we say it is all-in-one? Aesthetics, functional usage, lightweight, remarkable strength and yet pocket-friendly

EUROCOMB panels from EUROBOND are a testimony to the advancing technology and innovation of the future! Eurobond is proud to be pioneering this innovative EUROCOMB panel and being the first Indian ACP manufacturer to produce it inhouse! The expertise that we have gained is unmatched, so contact us for a one-stop solution for all your façade needs!

For more details on the company and its products:
Euro Panel Products Limited
Phone: +91 8828238388

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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