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“Systems which Fail the Tests Described in ISO 13785-1:2002 should be Eliminated”

By: ANUJ ARYA, Fire, Safety, Health & Environment

Nowadays, responsible designs & constructions are integrating façade fire safety right from the designing & planning phase – fire-resistant materials of construction are used (e.g. FR ACP, FR High-Performance Glass, ACM), evacuation spaces are provisioned, firefighting systems are integrated, etc.

Active fire protection is primarily the action is about detecting, stopping and escaping fire.

  • Automatic fire detection & alarm system •
  • Automatic sprinkler/spray system
  • Total flooding systems/fire suppression systems
  • Foam pourer system
  • Fixed water monitors
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire hydrant system/standpipe/yard hydrants
  • Fire hose reels
  • Ventilation & evacuation

Passive fire protection breaks the building into compartments and prevents the spread of the fire through the use of fire-resistance-rated walls and floors and contains the fire.

  • Separation & compartmentation of vertical openings (stairways, exits, hazards, etc.)
  • Smoke and fire dampers
  • Fire doors • Fire stops
  • Intumescent fireproofing/coatings


ISO 13785-1:2002 specifies a screening method for determining the reaction of materials to fire. In this screening method, those systems which fail the tests are eliminated. The test method consists of observing the behaviour of the façade panel to fire and the resulting flame spread on or within the façade construction. We can ensure that the façade products used are tested for fire resistance by making the architect fraternity aware and specifying the same in the requirement. This can be insisted by the regulatory guidelines of the government.

ANUJ ARYA, Fire, Safety, Health & Environment

Consultant & Auditor

Anuj Arya is a Consultant & Auditor specializing in Fire, Safety, Health, and Environment.

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