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“Façade Lighting Needs In-depth Study of Site”

By: Anil Bhasin, Havells India Limited

Please brief on various Architectural Façade lighting Solutions.

The LED has been a boon for architectural façade solutions, as we can use different form factors, product designs (with a driver inside or external driver), mounting options, colour temperature options (3000K, 4000K, 6500K, RGB, RGBW, etc.) and diverse beam distributions.

Monuments are preferably lit up with warm white colour (3000K), whereas modern skyscrapers with dynamically changing multi-coloured lights. We have solutions for illumination from a distance, tree up-lighting, wall grazing, flex strips for outlining, underwater applications like water fountains, etc.

Mathura Cantt Railway Station, Mathura

Mathura Cantt Railway Station Mathura Cantt Railway Station, Mathura

Project: Mathura Cantt Railway Station
Location: Mathura
Client: Railways
Completion date: 31st July 2019
Materials used for Façade & Fenestration: RGB lights, Ranger LED Flood Light, Compass LED Flood Light and Ground Burial Light of 16W
Extra: Syncing our action with the Railways’ mission to enhance the passenger experience at railway stations, we contributed to the beautification of the external facia. Different colour themes for specific days – tricolour on 15th August and 26th January. Women’s Day, Cancer Day, Diwali, Eid, etc.

Please list a Few Checkpoints to consider for Best Façade Lighting Solutions, especially for Monuments.

Façade lighting Solutions needs an in-depth study of the site as well as the surroundings. The foreground lighting and background lighting are to be analysed as it will decide the total number of fixtures, wattage, etc. so that the other lighting fixtures don’t overpower the monument. Mounting of fixtures is also important as nobody would like to see the fixtures on the facia of a monument in broad daylight, the beauty lies when you don’t see the fixtures in the day but wonder where the light is coming from, which enhances the beauty of the monument.

We are blessed to have numerous old monuments, forts, temples, etc. but we have to keep in mind the civil structure is not at the receiving end while we fix up the light fixtures. Wiring conduits for RGB fixtures is also important, so the cable path is to be defined wherein our expert execution team applies planning and balances out each aspect beautifully.

Please Throw some Light on the Standards, Local Norms and Regulations for Outdoor Lighting.

Lighting up a monument is far more difficult than modern-day architectural marvels, for which we can make provisions for installation, wiring, etc. But in old monuments, it is difficult. So, our first mandate is to retain the daytime visual delight of an admirer, at the same time, providing a clutter-free, almost invisible installation and mounting. In a low foreground and low background light, 15 lux is also quite pleasing, wherein a business centre, the value can be 5-8 times.

Lesser sky pollution or stray light is always welcome, wherein our special façade application optics up the ante by controlling light and illuminating the target area only. One such example is Humayun’s Tomb wherein a 4.5-degree beam angle helped us highlight the upper portion and dome of the monument precisely.

Humayun’s Tomb, New Delhi

Humayun Tomb Delhi Humayun Tomb

Project: Humayun’s Tomb
Location: New Delhi
Client: Aga Khan Trust
Architect: Agha Khan Trust / ASI
Completion Date: 15th January 2018
Materials used for Façade & Fenestration: SKYLINE LED flood light with precise beam control
Extra: Replacing the old conventional light fixtures with superior LED floodlights, which ensures minimal light pollution, power-saving and illumination of the dome which is visible from the elevated Banda Bahadur Road.

How can we use Façade Lighting as a Marketing Factor?

Big corporate houses are using the colour-based theme light in sync with their logo – a mandate in their building and premises. With RGB lighting, which offers 16.4 million colour combinations, the same colour effect could be produced with the matching theme of any company, which is an extension of their branding in a different vertical.

Earlier, people were using colour diffusers and tube lights, but now with LEDs, they can also reciprocate other social sentiments and emotions, for example tri-colour theme on 26th January and 15th August, World Cancer Awareness Day, women’s day, etc. Festive moods could also be reflected beautifully like red & white theme on Christmas, green and white theme on Eid, colourful canvas on Holi and Diwali, etc.

It is Important to go for Sustainable Façade Lighting having Responsibility for Nature, Resources and the Environment. How can we achieve this?

Vertical plane illumination can go wrong if wrong optics are selected, and it would result in light pollution i.e. stray lights, skyglow, etc. So we apply sustainable and nature-friendly lighting. We do not disturb the ecological balance of birds, animals and other creatures while illuminating a monument.

The LEDs used are with RoHS compliance as well as complying with the eye safety standards. Most of the products are made up of aluminium, which is recyclable and energy-efficient due to excellent electronic drivers. These fixtures can be dimmed down and controlled from remote locations with the help of an integrated wireless control system.

Purana Quila, New Delhi

Purana Quila Delhi Purana Quila New Delhi

Project: Purana Quila
Location: New Delhi
Client: NBCC
Other consultants: NBCC
Completion Date: 30th September 2018
Materials used for Façade & Fenestration: Ground burial lights adorn 6W and 30W in 3000K and Ranger LED flood light with elliptical beam 120W
Extra: Being an ASI site, the prime focus was to enhance the glory of the historical monument and we ensured no damage to the face of the Purana Quila.

Anil Bhasin, Havells India Limited


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