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Max Exterior by FunderMax: Suited for All Weather Conditions

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Max Exterior by FunderMax is a versatile product which is suited for all weather conditions. The technology used to produce this product is exclusive, patented and imparts all requisite properties to withstand varied climatic conditions and conserve energy at the same time. The range of products from FunderMax scale high on the quality aspect and do not need any maintenance as such unlike other products which are used for exterior cladding.

FunderMax rear ventilated facade systems are light, easy to install fundermaxand offer the below advantages:

  • They provide protection from direct sun radiation due to the ventilated air cavity that dissipates the heat. This air cavity enables the building to remain cool in summers and to retain heat in winter time.
  • They reduce transfer of humidity to the building during rainfall as the ventilated air cavity dissipates excessive humidity.
  • Depending on the thickness of the insulation layer, measurements of the panels and the proportion of open joints, noise transmission to the building can be reduced by up to 14dB.
  • FunderMax panels can be used for cladding high rise buildings under demanding weather conditions and wind loads as well. FunderMax panels have adorned many prominent high rise buildings in different parts of the worlds and even in India which still stand tall and have been known as landmarks in those regions.
  • FunderMax panels have varied applications like Facade Claddings, Balcony Claddings, Partitions, Fences, Attic Claddings, Outdoor Furniture, Public Facilities, Playground facilities, Sports Facilities, Sun Protection, Awnings, Children Play home and Functional Constructions & in Interior specialized applications like Cubicles, Table-tops, Lab Furniture & Kitchen Furniture segment etc. You imagine and we have it.
  • Create a new world and give your buildings character with FunderMax’ innovative range of products.
fundermax panelsFunderMax panels used for cladding in a high rise building, France
Fundermax panels used in high rise buildingsFunderMax Cladding – Jain Heights,Bengaluru

For more information on the
product, contact: FunderMax India Pvt Ltd, No 13, 1st Floor,
13th Cross, Wilson Garden,
Bangalore – 560027, India Tel.: +91 80 46617000

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