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Sudhakar Windows and Doors

Giesse Hardware Products for Modern Minimal Windows and Doors


C.H.I.C. Concealed Hinges Aluminium casements embody modernity and innovation, which have always been the signature characteristics of the Giesse ethos. The properties of aluminium made it a natural medium for developing casements with minimalist profiles and a higher glazing ratio for a more essential and brighter look. The first C.H.I.C. products for tilt-and-turn windows were launched by Giesse in 2016. The expertise acquired with the development of C.H.I.C. 100 kg enabled Giesse to develop an ever-expanding range with C.H.I.C. 130 kg.

Giesse C.H.I.C. bottom-hung
Giesse C.H.I.C. bottom-hung

Mirko Scheda, Product Manager for window hardware: “The C.H.I.C. project was a challenging one on several levels. The technical solutions that we adopted needed to be innovative and therefore patented. They also had to make use of new materials not commonly used in the aluminium casement sector. Finally, the most difficult challenge was to miniaturise the components and conceal them inside the profile. We carried out hundreds of tests and, as often happens, we faced various challenges that enabled us to understand and improve where necessary.” It is a common misconception that style and performance cannot go hand-in-glove. With the C.H.I.C. range, however, reducing the sash and frame profile brings several technical and practical benefits.

Antonio Giacon, Product Manager for door hardware: “We extended the C.H.I.C. range to include the new C.H.I.C. Door EG and RG, the first concealed hinges on the market for doors with Euro Groove and R Groove systems. Giesse concealed hinges are now available for all the most popular opening types and profiles on the market.” C.H.I.C. concealed hinges are Grade 5 certified, meeting the highest European standard EN 1670 for resistance of more than 480 hours in salt spray. C.H.I.C. Euro Groove tilt-and-turn window products have received the EPD certification for sustainability.

Supra7 components
Supra7 components

Giovanni Liconti, Sustainability Manager, “Tyman Group’s sustainability roadmap uses independent certifications to transparently assess environmental performance. By accurately measuring product impact throughout its lifecycle, C.H.I.C. products are certified with EPD, ensuring worldwide recognition and reliable sustainability.”

Supra7, Window Handle Without Base

To offer a complete solution for the minimal window of the future, Giesse also designed Supra7, the minimal handle without a base. Supra7 combines modern design with the most refined finishes, for a uniform and trendy aesthetic for every room of the building. It is available in a great variety of mechanisms with the Asia, Kora, and Prima aesthetic lines, as well as in the brand-new Aria line.

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Sudhakar Windows and Doors

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