A 1000-page report published by Inquiry has shown compelling evidence that the Grenfell Tower did not comply with building regulations. During the refurbishment of the Grenfell Towers, insulation, cladding, and decorative fins were added to the exterior making it non-compliant with building regulations. The blaze at Grenfell Tower, a 23-story social housing block shocked Britain and threw up a range of disturbing questions about how the building had been allowed to become a tinderbox.

Martin Moore-Bick, Chairman of a public inquiry into the disaster, in this report of his investigation, has mentioned that “In its origin, the fire at Grenfell Tower was no more than a typical kitchen fire. Having broken out late at night in a fourth-floor flat because of an electrical fault in a refrigerator, the fire spread to the outside of the building and raced up its façade, which had been fitted with a type of combustible aluminium composite material cladding during a refurbishment completed in 2016”.

The first phase of the investigation examined evidence and testimonies of survivors and first responders, establishing a timeline of the night in June 2017 when the fire spread over the high-rise building and killed 71 people. The second face investigation will be done to examine the refurbishment scheme that introduced the cladding system. Many experts and survivors testified about the origin and spread of the fire.

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