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High Quality Greenlam Clads as a Façade Material


Greenlam, a name that reckons with quality in the laminate and veneer industry, recently came up with CLADS, an exterior grade compact panel that can easily be applied on the outer surfaces of buildings.

What Makes Greenlam Clads Different From The Rest?

Compact panels possess the highest bonding strength between the layers in comparison with other materials. They do not chip or delaminate under impact or blows or vibrations. A Fire retardant rating of the material is BS1D0. It is classified by the European institutes in the highest class for fire resistance of organic materials. Clad Compact Panels have high resistance to external stress or impacts and stains and cannot easily be affected by climatic pressures. The Environment friendly products are non-porous and waterproof in nature, can withstand the extreme temperature easily and have a long life.

USP of Greenlam Clads

Greenlam CLADS is made using superior GLE technology which lends it various advantages such as, excellent UV performance making the exteriors not lose their colors over the time. Greenlam CLADS also comes with a warranty of 10 years.

The technology rests on three key pillars:

  1. Superior Manufacturing Process: If caters for high bonding strength, mechanically sturdy products, evades splintering, easy machine ability, excellent fire-retarding properties, high dimensional stability, high impact resistance EN ISO 178, and bending resistance EN ISO 178,
  2. Special Décor Paper: They are produced making use of high quality imported exterior grade décor prints, extreme light stable pigments and special chemical & inks. The décor paper is rated 7-8 on Blue wool scale & 3-5 on Grey scale, hence further making product fit for usage on exteriors. Décor papers are certified for light fastness (EN-438-2)
  3. Special Protective Film: They are of excellent UV performance, extreme weather stability, excellent chemical resistance, high anti-soiling properties, scratch resistant, resistant to corrosion, having high anti-static properties & excellent anti-graffiti properties, frost resistant, resistant to acid rains and easy cleanability of surface.
 Environment friendly products
The Environment friendly products are non-porous and waterproof in nature

A premier player in exterior cladding in India, Greenlam Clads has an entire range of exclusive collection of exterior grades on offer to give the outer surfaces a unique signature look.

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