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How McCoy Mart is empowering the Construction Community through Technology


The construction industry, a cornerstone of global economic development, contributes significantly to the GDP of many countries. Valued at over US $120+ Billion in India and growing at an impressive compound annual growth rate of 8.5%. This sector remains traditionally rooted in manual and rigorous offline processes. Despite being one of the oldest industries in the world, it faces the evolving demands of consumers. The time-sensitive requirement of construction professionals and on-time delivery of construction products has significantly increased. At the forefront of overcoming these challenges is McCoy Mart, an Indian startup that is revolutionizing the building industry by overcoming these challenges. McCoy Mart was founded by Mr. Amit Malhotra and Mr. Rahul Sahani in 2019 to streamline the product procurement process in this centuries-old industry. McCoy Mart takes the pain out of construction professionals’ lives by doing the excruciating task of product hunting, follow-ups, and cutting down the middlemen & compensation.

Bridging the Gap with it’s Marketplace

Product procurement is one of the most tedious aspects of the building industry. The offline channels of the building industry are unorganized. Earlier a construction professional had to make a trip to the market at least 20 times. There are multiple vendors for each product making it confusing and time-consuming for the professional to make a decision. Financial mismanagement and subpar services due to complex vendor interactions often resulted in revenue loss. McCoy Mart addresses this issue by offering digital solutions to streamline the entire procurement and delivery process. With McCoy Mart, construction professionals can facilitate easy ordering, hassle-free payment, and tracking options. Now products from 10+ categories, 500+ brands, and 50k+ SKUs can be found under one roof. These products are available at a wholesale price. To further help in choosing the right products, an account manager assists the construction professionals. Doing this frees the professionals from the tedious groundwork and allows them to focus their time and energy elsewhere.

Providing Access to Business Leads 

One of the pioneering features of McCoy Mart is its ability to provide business leads to construction professionals. Finding new clients and projects is crucial for business growth and can sometimes be challenging. McCoy Mart facilitates a lead generation system that connects construction professionals like contractors, builders, and consultants with potential clients. McCoy Mart helps businesses expand and build a stronger client base by making verified business leads available. A special pay-per-lead model has been created for professionals where they can pay for one lead first and once they trust this model, they can further purchase the subscription for regular leads.

20,000+ construction professionals have already registered at McCoy Mart to boost their business. Construction professionals can register on McCoy Mart’s website, add the services they provide, and create a portfolio to showcase their work. Doing this helps McCoy Mart filter down the local leads that the professional can purchase thereafter.

Contributing to India’s Digital Economy

McCoy Mart is disrupting the building industry with its “ConTech” by providing digital solutions in the construction sector. They are playing a crucial role in India’s journey towards becoming a digitally empowered country. This platform not only enhances the efficiency of the construction industry but also contributes to the Indian Government’s vision of Digital India.

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