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Iconic Design for VICUTU Concept Flagship Store in Beijing


Antistatics, the creative architectural firm, bents aluminum sheets into weaved façade for VICUTU Concept Flagship Store in Beijing. The architecture embodies the essence of the fashion brand through architectural exploration, and reinvention. The store spans two floors with a total area of 1680 sq m. Drawing from the ‘V’ shape of the VICUTU brand, the design integrates a flexible weaving system reminiscent of fabric craftsmanship.

The architectural façade mirrors the weaving process, symbolizing the transformation of fabric into garments. Aluminium sheets are meticulously bent and flexed into complex geometries, mimicking the intricacy of tailored clothing. This innovative approach reflects the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and fabric properties.

The weaving system extends from the building’s base to its summit, intertwining with the glass curtain wall louvers. This symbolic representation signifies the brand’s growth and continuous evolution.

Textured artistic cement walls create a sculptural environment, complemented by continuous curvilinear spaces inspired by flowing fabrics. Columns and beams merge seamlessly, guiding visitors through various display areas. The design team at AntiStatics Architecture adopts a woven diagrid language, incorporating it into pedestals, floor patterns, and interior facades, underscoring the brand’s commitment to innovation and artistic collaboration.

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