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UNStudio Unveils Huawei’s Shanghai Flagship Store, Marrying Nature and Technology Behind Unique ‘Petal’ Façade”


UNStudio has announced the completion of Huawei’s flagship store in Shanghai, a collaboration between the renowned architecture firm and Huawei’s internal design team. This innovative retail space promises an immersive experience, blending elements of nature, technology, and consumer preferences.

Drawing inspiration from biophilic forms, the two-level store seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor environments, incorporating recycled materials to minimize its environmental impact. The façade, resembling petals in various stages of growth, pays homage to Huawei’s polar codes technology, forming an integrated geometric system that merges the brand with nature and technology. The transparency of the façade, achieved through oversized petal stems, maximizes natural light and views into the store during the day, while subtle lighting elements emit a soft glow at night.

At the heart of the store lies the ‘Tree of Harmony,’ a spiraling centerpiece that not only facilitates circulation between floors but also offers augmented reality (AR) experiences for visitors, engaging them in a sensory journey of sight, sound, and smell reminiscent of nature.

Warm tones dominate the interior palette, with ivory ceilings and floors complemented by wood and glass fiber-reinforced concrete columns. This flagship store represents a bold exploration of architectural design, transforming retail space into an interactive environment that reflects Huawei’s ethos of innovation and connectivity.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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