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Innovative 360-Degree Façade Elevates Calgary’s M2 Mixed-Use Project


Calgary’s RiverWalk is now home to the striking M2 mixed-use building, a project that is redefining urban architecture. Positioned between the historic Simmons Mattress Factory and the new pedestrian bridge to St. Patrick’s Island, the M2 building’s unique lot shape presented architects with an exciting challenge – the absence of a traditional rear wall, resulting in distinct façades on each side.

Designed by the esteemed New York City-based architect, architects, recipient of the 2023 National Design Award in Architecture from Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, and executed by local architectsRiddell Kurczaba, the M2 building is a testament to innovative design.

Despite its modest size, spanning 2,137 square meters (23,000 square feet), the M2 building stands as a prominent feature on the Bow River waterfront, enhancing the downtown East Village’s core commercial area.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this project is how it deftly navigates stringent zoning requirements to limit shadow intrusion on the RiverWalk. The northern face of the building steps back at each level, creating a cascading series of roof terraces for each tenant. These terraces not only offer breathtaking river views through expansive curtain wall windows but also extend the public space of the promenade.

On the southern façade, M2 provides views of the city and maximises natural light within its open interior spaces. It accommodates entrances for a restaurant, a bike shop, offices, residences, a loading dock, and the building’s core.

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