Comfort is a top priority! Generously proportioned window elements in passageways to terraces are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. This applies in particular to lift-slide doors: with an opening width up to 12 m, they open up spaces and offer plenty of comfort – from their high incidence of light to their appealing design up to their simple operation. Those who love comfort are sure to include the SOFT CLOSE function when selecting their choice of lift slide door. This makes it especially easy and safe to operate.

Lift slide doors close function
Completely concealed and thus a visual highlight for sophisticated demands: the SOFT CLOSE function offers maximum ease of use

This solution for more room comfort is already firmly established in many areas of modern life and is a familiar sight in kitchen drawers or car tailgates, for example – it’s about being able to close elements with little effort and avoid loud slamming sounds. The following applies with lift-slide doors as well: a SOFT CLOSE solution brakes heavy sashes just before the end position and then gently pulls these into the locking position.

Incorrect operation and risk of injury are eliminated by its simple, intuitive operation; and it looks good too. Invisibly integrated into the element, SOFT CLOSE solutions offer ease of use without compromising design. Its smooth operation can be reinforced by compact bogie wheels. Its well-thought-out design allows for an optimal distribution of the sash weight on the casters and creates the best conditions for a comfortable sliding experience as well as excellent thermal insulation.

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