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Orchard Towers Embarks on Transformation Journey to Shed Sleazy Image


In a bid to erase its notorious past, Orchard Towers, a longstanding landmark in Singapore, is undergoing a comprehensive two- year makeover. Once infamous for its association with dubious activities, the iconic building is set to emerge as a family-friendly destination, shedding its shady reputation.

The ambitious rejuvenation project encompasses a complete overhaul, Global News featuring a new external façade and cladding. Additionally, there is a deliberate shift in the tenant mix to attract businesses with a more wholesome appeal. The management is actively seeking family-friendly tenants to replace the nightlife outlets that faced closure earlier this year due to licensing issues.

Despite the ongoing transformation, Orchard Towers faces challenges in distancing itself from its checkered past. Reports of questionable activities persist in and around the vicinity, indicating skepticism and resistance to the building’s intended metamorphosis.

As of now, the retail occupancy of the 53-year-old building hovers around 70%, presenting a quieter atmosphere compared to its modern neighbors along Orchard Road. The strategic move to attract family-oriented businesses, including furnishing stores, pharmacies, eateries, tuition centers, and dance studios, aims to reshape the building’s image and appeal to a different demographic.

Orchard Towers’ journey towards a more respectable and welcoming space is met with both anticipation and skepticism, as the management strives to redefine its identity in the vibrant heart of Singapore.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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