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“Our Vision is to be a Unicorn”

By: Berk Seckin, Doctor Window

Please tell us about your company DOCTOR WINDOW

I am grateful to your good self for paying attention to us and pleased to introduce “DOCTOR WINDOW”, the soul of windows. DOCTOR WINDOW, one of the fastest-growing hardware companies in India, has been able to make a mark with its extensive product range of hardware, fittings and accessories, wrapping films, adhesives, powder coating, PVC window coating, sealant and touch-up solutions for window door and furniture industry. Since we started operating in 2019 and today, our achievements have been a source of inspiration for us to achieve more incredible things.

We all know that accessories are the secret heroes of the door & window and furniture industry. Using quality profiles is not sufficient without using quality hardware and accessories to achieve the best product quality. Many of us never notice that hardware keeps the products running for years and thus enhances the value of your brand. Even if you use lower range profiles, our hardware and accessories can be proven a master key to achieving the best result. We have always stood behind the products we sell and will continue to be. While we offer an unconditional exchange policy with perfect customer satisfaction, we will continue to provide a warranty for our products from any manufacturing defects.

DOCTOR WINDOW team at ZAK Doors & Windows Expo 2022
DOCTOR WINDOW team at ZAK Doors & Windows Expo 2022

Together with our highly skilled and efficient dynamic team, we are dedicated to meeting customer-specific needs. We are happy to make a big difference in the industry by offering a SINGLE ROOF SOLUTION with our wide product range. We added colour to the sector by using our creativity in our product range. We are very active on social media. We were the first one to post all our products and their USPs on social media and all our competitors started using social media after us. We are happy to be a pioneer in this. As a result, having three times more followers on social media than our closest competitor and reaching 1 lakh single post visibility is proof of our success and popularity. We have brought many innovations. Now we all see that the LAL FRIDAY promotion we created has changed habits in our industry and is a fantastic trend. There is nothing we can’t solve, find, create or correct. While you might walk in as a stranger, you will walk out as a very dear friend. It’s the DOCTORWINDOW way!!!

You have collaborations with various global companies as their distribution partner in India. Please tell us about these partnerships and products.

TAKA Glue, Primer & Kethelist - TAKA Products
TAKA Glue, Primer & Kethelist – TAKA Products

Frankly, we are very selective in the companies we cooperate with. Integrity is the most important factor for us. Then we measure the quality and professionalism of the firm. If you look at the companies we work with, you can see that they are all serious players in the world market. For example, WPR-TAKA is the world leader in both the adhesive they produce and the machine. As a group, Hyundai is the biggest player in the window industry in terms of turnover Konig is a quality brand that cannot be rivalled.

Multi-power concealed hinge
Multi-power concealed hinge

Of course, in the meantime, it is important that the company really wants to be in the Indian market. Because the Indian market is very large with its own dynamics, it is difficult to understand from the outside, and very different from western markets. In this process, it is important to know how clear the perceptions of the companies who want to work with us are. No matter how big the company is, we go into solution partnerships with companies that can listen to us and understand the market and have this flexibility. After all, we want to establish a family-like relationship with the companies we work with, and we are very fortunate to achieve this.

Please brief on your door and window accessory products and business. What are their USPs?

As I mentioned, we make every effort to be the soul of each window. In this frame, we know that we have to have all kinds of accessories, from the smallest screw required for a window to the largest sliding systems. Of course, I would like to give a piece of very good news here, we are starting the distributorship of MACO by 2023. MACO is a company in Europe that produces the best quality accessories in the world. It is a hardware manufacturer with a high level of market continuity and stability.

Tentazione Handle Window Accessory Products from MACO
Tentazione Handle Window Accessory Products from MACO

Since over 98% of their production takes place in-house, they can respond quickly and flexibly to market changes. Their wide product range allows their users to obtain hardware solutions from a single source. MACO also works in accordance with economic, environmental and social aspects. In doing so, they pave the way for the sustainable corporate success of their customers and the MACO Group. Moreover, with the acquisition of Hatau, they became the biggest solution partner in sliding systems in the world. We are very happy to start walking together on this journey.

Tell us about the company TAKA and the large range of products sold?

Taka is the world’s strongest HMPUR adhesive. Today, it is the company with the highest market share and is used by all profile manufacturers in Germany. The biggest reason for this is the excellent results they achieved in the hydrolysis test. Yes, maybe there are some companies which can pass the 6-week hydrolysis test. However, purely and simply, if and only if, the only company that can pass the 12- week hydrolysis test is TAKA! Why is this 12-week period important, because the equivalent of the 12-week test shows us the performance of an adhesive after 20 years. So if you want to buy a coloured window with a 20-year warranty, its adhesive has no choice but to be TAKA.

WPR is the leading company in the design and manufacturing of innovative wrapping machines. Please tell us about your collaboration with the company – WPR

WPR laminating machines
WPR laminating machines

WPR is the flagship of laminating machines. There really isn’t any better. You have to use it to understand the difference. In order to have a good laminating machine, you need to know its features. WPR machines are a marvel of engineering and each one is a masterpiece. For example, it is the easiest machine to do wrapping settings in the world. This saves users a lot of time. The automatic primary dosing unit both increases the quality of lamination and provides great savings to the user. Central air heater systems ensure excellent adhesion. The tank melter system used prevents the continuity in production and the unnecessary use of adhesive and foil. WPR patented slot nozzle technology offers the user a perfect setting and easy cleaning. We can’t finish counting features like these.

In summary, a WPR machine that is used at full capacity can pay for itself in 2 years with what it adds to the user. Today, our WPR machines continue to produce quality with great success in Aluplast, Encraft, Saint Gobain, and Sudhakar in India. In order to provide better service to our customers who prefer us, we are starting to keep spare parts stock in India as of January 2023. We are aware that we need to create a difference for perfect customer satisfaction.

Please tell us about your business solutions for coloured windows like lamination adhesives, foil films and retouching materials.

It will be a bit of a humorous approach, but sometimes we feel like a chameleon. We work with all our efforts to meet all demands from an unlimited variety of colours. We do not have a chance to leave any of our customers unsolved in this regard. We are working day and night to meet all the demands for retouching, from new colour matching. For example, we matched Hyundai’s four main colours in the XE series one-to-one with the competitor. The important factor here is that all of our solution partners are really successful in their work. They produce very good and very fast results in colour studies. We all know very well that colours never forgive.

You recently announced your business collaborations with Hyundai L&C (Living & Culture). Please tell our readers about it and the products sold.

PVDF-coated exterior films, called “XE” - Hyundai product images
PVDF-coated exterior films, called “XE” – Hyundai product images

Hyundai is pleased to present in India its high-tech, PVDF-coated exterior films, called “XE”, which are in high demand in regions under high UV and are guaranteed for 20 years all over the world. In addition, it started a new trend in the world with its PVC-free and completely PMMA-layered exterior films, called “SE” and offered its films with a 10-year warranty all over the world including India. We would like to underline that these warranties are valid in all countries of the world. In other words, there is no such thing as the fact that the guarantee given for India is not given for countries such as the Middle East, Africa, and Australia, as some competitors do.

Heat Reflection Technology protects window and door profiles from excessive heat build-up. Transparent film and coloured base film with IR reflection pigment and additive make windows and doors remain tight even at strong solar irradiation and Hyundai calls their foils produced in this way as “Reflect Formula”. This technology helps to reduce temperature. Reflect Formula acts as a protective shield for the entire component. Pigments in the coloured film reflect infrared radiation, and reduce the build-up of heat in the profile.

Additionally, it protects not only the film itself but also the adhesive and the profile. Hyundai L&C continuously work to improve our advanced technology, which is a special characteristic of our film. Reflect Formula ensures a longer life for windows and doors while it reduces the heat absorption in windows and doors laminated with dark and woodgrain films. The high-functional film will reduce profile and board aging and contribute to making extending window and door’s service lives. Finally, it improves energy efficiency.

As a result, the “XE” and “SE” series offered for sale in India are produced entirely with Reflect Formula only. In addition, in order for these top series foils to give excellent results, Hyundai L&C has increased their bonding strength by priming the adhesion surfaces beforehand. Hyundai exterior foils are proud to announce that they have successfully passed SKZ weathering colour fastness and PSM heat build-up tests and have RAL-GZ 716 certification.

What are the advantages of using Hyundai exterior foils like High-Tech, PVDF Coated Exterior Film – XE?

Hyundai exterior foils
Hyundai exterior foils

PVDF is a non-reactive thermoplastic fluoropolymer produced by the polymerization of vinylidene difluoride, and icurrently the material with the highest UV resistance and ability to be laminated in transparent form. The number of companies with this technology in the world is limited. Hyundai manufactures with this technology and even tests and guarantees its products according to 7.4kWh/ m2 daily sum global horizontal irradiation calculation. These guarantees are also covered by product liability insurance. With a global turnover of 8 billion dollars, Hyundai stands out with its quality in the film industry and aims to be the leader in the industry.

Tell us about the collaborations as a distributor with the company König, a company providing surface repair products?

For more than 125 years, the name König has been associated with innovative and reliable products for the repair of surfaces. Now in the fifth generation, they work for the continuous enhancement of their products and offer new and sophisticated solutions for a variety of specific repair tasks. They have an unequalled level of experience in dealing with colours, fillers and surface materials.

You are also a distributor for IBA Kimya, one of the top ten manufacturers in Europe of Powder Paints. What’s the market for the same in India?

Touch-up-pen kit, a König product
Touch-up-pen kit, a König product

To put it bluntly, there is an incredible demand for the powder coating industry in India. However, quality paint is really hard to find. When it comes to quality, we should not only think of colour. Here you have many quality parameters. Above all, sustainability in quality and surface quality. We regretfully observed that there are serious difficulties in meeting the demands of the big players in the sector. At the end of this search, we shook hands with IBA. And we have achieved great success in a very short time. In short, those who buy once will not buy another brand again. First of all, IBA’s technicality and production capacity are very high. They have a wide variety of products. Besides by devoting a large part of its resources to research, development, and new technologies, IBA is now an innovator on a global level. IBA’s mission is to provide customers with the solutions they need through a specialised technical team that works closely with clients before and after sales to provide high-quality products and services.

Today, powder coatings are used by different industries and the demand for them is increasing day by day. Powder Coatings are widely used in household appliances, aluminium profiles, metal furniture, elevator equipment, metal doors, panel heating radiators, ventilation equipment, electrical appliances, commercial equipment, etc. Now we are in a work that will cover all these industries and spread to all of India.

You are also the distributor for ZOBEL coating. Tell us about their products.

We believe in change and we know we have to adapt to it. First of all, we see that people want to change the colour of their windows over time. In addition, we witness that sometimes very special colours are requested. In this context, our search for the colours of the windows according to the preferences of the customers led us to Berger-Zobel. Berger-Zobel is known as the manufacturer and leader in the innovation of premium coating systems from Germany, for substrates such as PVC and timber. They have also launched their second ZowoPlast coating system generation in the market. An environment-friendly water-based single component and single-layered PUR PVC surface coating system with a long-term guarantee of 15 years. Completely free of NMP, NEP, TEA and Isocyanates combined with its very hard and scratch-resistant surface but parallel outstanding high flexibility and weather resistance, this is unique in the market.

ZOBEL Colour Profiles
ZOBEL Colour Profiles

As a (Group) CEO & Director of the company, what is your Motto? I will summarise very briefly. Our MISSION is to be the soul of every window produced in India and to serve window manufacturers as the only roof solution partner.

Our VISION is to be a unicorn.

Berk Seckin, Doctor Window


Berk Seckin, Founder and CEO of DOCTORWINDOW, has vast experience and rich global exposure of 27 years in doors & windows industry. Before India, he worked as a senior manager in companies operating in the door and window industry in many countries such as Turkey, Ukraine and Libya. He has extensive experience in all stages from profile extrusion to window assembly. He has been living in India with pride and happiness for the last 10 years and founded DOCTORWINDOW in 2019. DOCTORWINDOW has brought a single-roof solution to the industry, highlighted the importance of product diversity and played a major role in the development of the sector in digital media. It aims to find solutions for all kinds of requirements with its “JOB DONE, AS ALWAYS” slogan in a solution understanding that aims to never say “NO”. In addition, it carries out its studies to present the search for new solutions to the Indian market by using its relations in the international arena. The big manufacturers in the window industry are calling DOCTORWINDOW a “GAME CHANGER” as a result of its success in a short time.

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