Ozone, one of the leading providers of innovative architectural hardware solutions, has introduced ‘Twisted Series of Spider Fittings’ with an all new look of twisted arms. The new design will impart a smooth look to the frameless glass façade. Its curvilinear design reduces stress concentration at transition points and therefore twisted arm designs have better strength to hold the glass panels. With Twisted Spider fittings, no dome nuts is visible on fin side glass, ensuring a seamless look. These are ideally suited for the maximum fin thickness of 25.52 mm and for higher thickness of glass, and allen bolts can be changed.

These robust fittings are available in PSS finish and made with high tensile SS-316 material to make them more durable, safe and sustainable. This new range are offered from S Series of premium architectural hardware collection. The range includes the fin spiders in 2-way and 4-way types and wall and ceiling spiders in 1-way & 2-way types.

1Way Spider Fitting
Ozone Twisted Spider Fittings

Ozone product range consists architectural glass fittings, door hardware, door control devices, kitchen & furniture fittings, wardrobe sliding door systems, automatic doors and intelligentlocks, movable walls, digital (electronic) safes, digital doorslocks and furniture locks, metal fire safety doors, cleanroom doors, office doors, partition systems and bank security solutions.

4-Way Spider Fitting
4-Way Spider Fitting

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