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Prime Minister Modi Inaugurates Yashobhoomi Phase One, Paving the Way for INR 25,703 Crore Project’s Second Phase


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has officially inaugurated the first phase of Yashobhoomi, a remarkable conference tourism infrastructure project, setting the stage for the much-anticipated second phase. The grand convention center, situated in Sector 25, Dwarka, New Delhi, a mere 3 kilometres from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, offers exceptional connectivity to both metro and road networks. Encompassing a sprawling 221.70-acre site in a well-developed area at the western edge of Delhi, it stands adjacent to Gurgaon, a prominent satellite city.

Yashobhoomi’s architectural marvel is a fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, drawing inspiration from India’s rich heritage. The design incorporates traditional features like jaalis and stepped wells while embracing modern principles. The exterior facade, emphasizing sustainability, mirrors temple ornamentation, and the ceiling patterns take cues from the art of rangoli, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity that epitomizes India’s essence.

The second phase of the project promises to elevate Yashobhoomi even further by introducing eight hotels within the complex. These include three five-star and four-star hotels, two three-star properties, and service apartments, providing a total of 3,500 rooms. In addition to the two exhibition halls constructed in the first phase, the second phase will add three more expansive halls.

Yashobhoomi Phase One sets the stage for a transformative development in the heart of the capital, with its seamless blend of tradition, modernity, and cutting-edge facilities. As the project progresses to its second phase, it is poised to become a global landmark in conference tourism infrastructure and an embodiment of India’s rich cultural heritage and technological prowess

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