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Powder Coatings: Architectural Applications



Powder coatings are micron-sized, solvent-free paints made of dry and solid raw materials. They can be applied to metals like aluminium and steel, as well as non-conductive materials like MDF or engineering plastics. Powder coatings are highly recyclable and environmentally friendly, making them the most sustainable option in the coating industry. They are widely used in various applications, including domestic appliances, automotive parts, metal furniture, electronics, medical equipment, sporting goods, and architectural applications.

Since 1995, İBA KİMYA SAN. VE TİC. AŞ. has been producing powder coatings that offer superior protection, a wide color range, pattern options, and cost-effective application. İBA Kimya is currently the leading powder coating producer in Türkiye, thanks to its extensive product range, quality, fast delivery, R&D and technical assistance.


İBA Kimya has been producing Qualicoat-approved powder coatings since 1998 and GSB-approved powder coatings since 2013. The company offers different series designed specifically for architectural applications, such as PE28, PE58, PE55, PS70, PS75, and PS77. These coatings protect the coated materials against external influences, maintain color stability and gloss retention over time, and provide an aesthetic appearance.


The PE28, PE58, and PE55 series offers 10 years of guaranteed performance on correctly pre-treated aluminium, high weathering performance, good yellowing and UV resistance, excellent flow-out properties, and availability in all RAL colors. The PS70, PS75, and PS77 series offer 20 years of guaranteed performance on correctly pre-treated aluminium, excellent weathering performance, very good yellowing & UV resistance, excellent flow-out properties, and a wide range of color shades, including Tgic-free options.


Since 2000, metallic powder coatings have gained popularity in architectural applications, metal furniture, and domestic appliances. İBA Kimya produces metallic powder coatings using two different methods: dry blend and bonding, with three types of metallic pigments: leafing aluminium, non-leafing aluminium, and mica effect pigments.



The company offers two product ranges: IBAShine (dry blend metallic powder coatings) and IBABond (bonded metallic powder coatings). IBABond offers several advantages over a dry blend, including no pigment segregation or precipitation during the application, boxing, or transportation, easier recycling, no clumping at the gun tip, a homogeneous surface with consistent color uniformity and metallic appearance, and improved picture framing effect.

The demand for Qualicoat approved & metallic powder coatings produced by İBA Kimya is increasing day by day, and they are frequently preferred in architectural applications.

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