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Profine Group Introduces ‘Alupure’


Profine Group, Germany, one of the world leaders in uPVC profiles and sheet business, through its wholly owned subsidiary profine India Window Technology Pvt. Ltd., has introduced its aluminium range of products under the brand ‘AluPure’ aluminium window and door systems for Indian market. Objective behind launching “AluPure” in India is to offer international quality, state-of- the-art window & door systems and manifold colour options that can compete with any international brand. The advantage of this systems is that they are produced in India under the stringent international quality parameters and specifications that ensure its 100 per cent functional efficiency and durability.

AluPure systems are available for casement and sliding window and door systems with the highest level of quality and security. The profiles are extremely durable, and require only low maintenance over their long service lives. Moreover, AluPure aluminium elements are non-flammable, colourfast, and 100 per cent recyclable. Thanks to their high stability and load bearing capacity, these elements can be produced in extraordinary sizes and with various glass options. They fulfill virtually all architectural challenges effecting colour, shape and sizes.

These window and door systems can be installed at home, high rise buildings, offices, hotels, institutions and make a perfect combination to the modern architecture. The fascinating attributes of these aluminium elements are their excellent fitness for use. Even under extreme loads, they assure perfect functionality at all times. AluPure systems are timeless, individual and highly convincing. Their weather resistance lends them long term durability, and they are maintenance free to the greatest possible extent.

The AluPure aluminium systems have successfully passed performance quality tests by Winwall Testing Laboratory in Chennai, as per BS EN1026, BS EN1027 and BS EN12211 for its casement and sliding window & door systems. Winwall is a Singapore based company which is famous world-wide for its facade testing.

For more details on this  product range, visit or write to introduces ‘AluPure’ Product Watch 86 WFM

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