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Renson Endura Twist to Provide Pollution-Free Air Inside Your House


RENSON® – one of the preferred names for ventilation, solar shading, and pergola requirements, has introduced Endura Twist to provide clean air inside your homes or buildings. Renson Endura Twist is a decentralised fresh air ventilation system integrated with windows. The Renson Endura Twist filters the outside polluted air for 1 micron level using PM1 filters and supplies the pure fresh air in the house.

Renson Endura Twist

It has a heat exchanger inbuilt that stores the AC energy of the indoor air in the heat exchanger. As the fans turn every 30 seconds, the heat exchanger pass the stored heat to the fresh incoming air and a pleasant, pre-cooled air is blown into the room.

Due to the continuous cyclic operation of the alternating fans, it ensures a constant air supply and air extraction, the customer can enjoy an optimal air quality at any time. It offers quick installation without ducts and easy maintenance that makes it ideal for both new-builds as renovations. During the cool nights of a hot summer, the system automatically switches to bypass mode due to the integrated temperature sensors. The Endura Twist blows fresh outdoor air in, extracts hot indoor air without any heat recovery and in doing so, it freshens the house.

The vertical Endura Twist can be combined with an integrated sun protection screen or shutters to prevent overheating. The combination of a comfortable ventilation with beautiful and efficient sun protection provides the perfect aesthetic solution for beautiful warm summers.

Renson Products

Specifications Of The Product:

They have PM1 filter to provide pure air

Inbuilt heat recovery system

Indoor air quality sensors as CO2

Ensures cross ventilation in the room

1 unit for the room without any ducting

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