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Revolutionising Indian Architecture: Eurobond & Rheinzink Launch Self Healing Material


Imagine a world where buildings breathe, façades come alive, & age gracefully like wine. Picture a material that evolves with time, enhancing its beauty & strength as it weathers over the years. That’s Zinc, the material recently unveiled by EUROBOND in exclusive collaboration with RHEINZINK – the world’s no.1 manufacturer of Architectural Zinc.

Every material tends to get weaker with time. They tend to fade, collect dust, & lose their appeal due to exposure to the environment. Zinc is the only material that defies this logic. When exposed to environmental elements like oxygen, humidity, & carbon dioxide, Zinc forms a patina layer on its surface, which covers its scratches & surface imperfections & makes the material thicker & stronger. This is the reason Zinc is called a Self- Healing material as its surface literally heals itself.

What’s different about EUROBOND Zinc?

200 Years of Combined Legacy:

RHEINZINK, with the blood of German Excellence, has a 175-year history in Architectural Zinc. Their innovation, processes & quality control is unparalleled in the industry. This collaboration brings RHEINZINK’s range in India for the very first time, exclusively through EUROBOND – the heart of Indian Infrastructure since 2 Decades.

ECO ZINC – 50% less CO2:

Their Zinc stands out as the only Architectural Zinc manufactured with 50% less CO2 emissions. This is possible with the 3P model of Advanced sustainability – Product: Zinc being naturally sustainable, Procurement: From Scandinavia with real renewable energies, and patented Process.

Patented Pre-Patina Process:

Leuphana University Lüneburg Germany
Leuphana University, Lüneburg, Germany

Usually, there are 2 kinds of zinc in the market. One that has a natural surface & weathers after environmental exposure, and one that has a treated surface that replicates the patinated look, but does not transform or self-heal after exposure to the environment. EUROBOND presents to you, the only pre-patina zinc in the market, which is the best of both worlds. Made through a patented pickling process, the patina finish of this zinc is achieved naturally, during the manufacturing process itself. There is so surface treatment or layer on top of it. Thus when used in Facades, this Zinc surface also forms a patina on top & exhibits the intrinsic property of self-healing.


Harmonising Legacies: EUROBOND & RHEINZINK Forge a Pinnacle Partnership

EUROBOND & RHEINZINK have a shared vision of creating structures that not only stand the test of time but also exemplify the highest standards of quality & beauty in the ever-evolving Indian architectural landscape.

For more details on the company and its products:

Euro Panel Products Limited
Phone: +91 8828238388

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