Saugaat Inc. is unwavering in its commitment to pioneering innovative products and cultivating a diverse range to cater to all customer needs seamlessly. Our commitment is exemplified through our role as a comprehensive solution provider, particularly in the domain of insulated glass (IG); we are positioning ourselves as the definitive one-stop solution for all essential needs in glass processing materials. Beyond product offerings, our commitment extends to resolving technical challenges inherent in the glass industry, showcasing our unwavering pursuit of excellence in meeting the nuanced demands of our clientele.

Saugaat Inc. fosters close collaborations with industry leaders such as Kuraray (Japan), H.B. Fuller|Kommerling (USA), and Elkem (France), working collaboratively to innovate products and tackle technical challenges in the glass industry.

H.B. Fuller (USA), a prominent player in the adhesive industry, has collaborated with Kommerling (Germany) to emerge as a leading provider of vital primary sealants indispensable for the processing of insulated glass (IG). Our sealants boast exceptional qualities, including high flexibility at low temperatures, remarkable resistance to chemicals and weathering, and excellent adhesion properties. These attributes collectively contribute to the overall reliability of our sealants, making them exceptionally versatile for application across diverse commercial markets and scenarios.

With a legacy extending over 125 years, Elkem (France) has consistently positioned itself as a dependable provider of high-quality silicone sealant products, adhering to stringent quality standards within the building & construction sector. The recent introduction of project-oriented secondary sealants, namely STARSILTM SLT 9100 and STARSILTM SLT 9100, in India signifies a significant leap for the construction industry. These sealants provide versatile solutions, ensuring both reliability and optimal performance, thereby making a noteworthy contribution to the sector. Going beyond insulating glass sealants, Elkem broadens its product line to encompass various silicone sealants, reinforcing its commitment to addressing diverse industry needs with top-tier solutions.

Modern glass manufacturing facility with high-tech equipment and machineryKuraray (Japan) is dedicated to advancing innovative technologies that contribute to global environmental improvement and an enhanced quality of life, exemplifying its commitment to exploring new business avenues. Notably, Kuraray has introduced the ground-breaking Trosifol® Spallshield® CPET, a state-of-the-art solution that surpasses expectations in lightweight construction, penetration resistance, and anti-spalling capabilities. This cutting-edge product features a sophisticated two-layer composite structure composed of PET/hardcoat. The hardcoat, renowned for exceptional durability and chemical resistance, seamlessly integrates with the composition, presenting an appearance virtually indistinguishable from glass. Trosifol® Spallshield® stands out as a pioneering solution, delivering superior lightweight anti-spall properties to enhance the resilience of glazing structures significantly.

Furthermore, Saugaat Inc. actively engages in the continuous development of cutting-edge and innovative products, poised to meet the dynamic demands of the evolving market landscape.

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