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SEL Sealants: A Significant Producer of Sealants and Foams


SEL Sealants was founded in 1991 in Istanbul, Turkey. The primary brand of the business is SELSIL. As of now, SEL Sealants is the largest producer of sealants and foams in the area and the only sealant business in the world to manufacture and print its own HDPE cartridges. Modern production equipment, as well as highly qualified and motivated employees, are the USP of SEL Sealants.

The business offers high-performance acrylic sealants, neutral sealants, weather sealants, silicone sealants, PU sealants, PU foams, hybrid sealants, and so on. SEL Sealants now sells goods to 115 nations, including the USA, Japan, India, Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Europe, Thailand, and Australia.

SEL Sealants has invested in expertise and innovation and will continue to do so. The continued focus on customer relations and satisfaction demonstrates SEL Sealants’ commitment to creating a lasting, cordial relationship with each of our clients. In May 2019, SEL Sealants created SELSIL Sealants India Pvt Ltd. in Noida as a 100% owned subsidiary to be closer to the sizable Indian market. Palwal, Mumbai, and Ghaziabad are home to SELSIL India’s warehouses. Our extremely committed and motivated channel partners work to satisfy the clients with high-quality, price-competitive items in order to support our pan-India sales.

SEL Sealants


  • Rajeev Verma, MD, Selsil Sealants India Pvt. Ltd.
    Rajeev Verma, MD, Selsil Sealants India Pvt. Ltd.

    Silicon Sealants, Acrylic Sealants, Neutral Sealants, Weather Sealants, PU Foams, PU Sealants, etc. are the major product lines of SEL Sealants.

  • Hybrid Sealants – Ultratack & Ultraclear
  • Thread lockers, Stud lockers, shaft retainers, bearing retainers, pipe thread sealants, etc.
  • Epoxy putties, metal-filled epoxies, super glues, etc.
  • Spray paints for plastic & aluminium parts in all RAL colours
  • Rust remover spray, brake & clutch cleaning spray, contact cleaner spray, electronic board cleaner spray, mold protection spray, etc.

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Contact: +91 9319412220

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