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Shakti Hörmann Door Solutions: Tested and Certified to Comply with the Highest Indian Standards

By: MARTIN J. HÖRMANN, Hörmann Group

Shakti Hörmann started its journey in India as Shakti Met-Dor (Now Shakti Hörmann ) in 1994. Please tell us about the company’s milestones in the journey of nearly 30 years in India.

Shakti Hörmann is a leading player in the commercial, industrial and residential door manufacturing sector, committed to delivering superior door solutions that combine innovative technology with unmatched design and functionality. Shakti Met-Dor (Now Shakti Hörmann) founded in 1994, has been operating as a Hörmann manufacturing subsidiary since 2012. The company has developed a reputation for excellence in the Indian market with high-quality products, prompt delivery, and a service paradigm that has become an industry benchmark.

What are your products?

Our products are Residential doors, commercial doors, industrial doors, and perimeter protection systems.

Where is your manufacturing facilities located and what’s the capacity?

Our manufacturing facility is located in Hyderabad and Equipped to produce over 200,000 custom-made doors, door frames and over 10,000 Industrial doors per annum. The size of the plant in Hyderabad is 12 Acres and 250,000 Sq ft is the built-up area.

We are coming up with a new manufacturing plant in Mahendra World City in Jaipur. The plant area is approx. 20 Acres with a built-up area of 200,000 Sq ft., reinforcing our commitment to expanding national presence and fostering technological advancements in the industrial and residential door industry. The new plant that will become operational in the 2nd quarter of 2024 will enable Shakti Hörmann to meet the growing demand for its products in the northern region. In addition to the existing product portfolio, the new plant will be producing wooden doors for the growing residential segment.

Shakti Hörmann is a pioneer in high-performance doors. What are the specialties of your products which help you to sustain as a market leader?

Shakti Hörmann has a pan-India presence with sales and marketing offices spread across all major metros. Their ISO 9001: 2015; ISO 14001: 2015; and ISO 45001: 2018 certified manufacturing facility near Hyderabad, Telangana, can produce over 200,000 custom-made doors, door frames, and over 10,000 Industrial doors per annum. The doors come with varied options in ironmongery, sizes, and finishes, incorporating the latest global and local standards in safety and security.

Upcoming Jaipur plant area – 250000 Sq ft
Upcoming Jaipur plant area – 250000 Sq ft

Please tell us about your fire door solutions

Tested and certified to comply with the highest Indian standards, namely the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) license, for the first time ever in India, Hörmann Fire Doors are ISI marked for 120 minutes integrity and 30 minutes insulation. These doors not only complement the existing passive fire-fighting systems, but also ensure optimal personal safety. As a company we have invested a lot on getting certifications from both national and international laboratories.

Tell us about your new showroom in Delhi and Hyderabad.

Shakti Hörmann OpenXperience centers in Hyderabad and New Delhi will have a display of branded factory-finished doors. This is an exclusive experience centers are non-existent in India. Given the changing demand and unmet requirements of this market especially the high-rise apartment construction industry the need of the hour is OpenXperience centers that offer a first-hand experience of newer industry- customer-desired product innovations, and their functionalities. This center will showcase the entire product portfolio for commercial, residential and industrial door applications.

Shakti Hörmann, as one of the leading global manufacturers of Doors

The OpenXperience centers aims to redefine shopping, highlighting advanced door technologies such as residential hinged doors, fire-rated doors, security doors, internal doors, and multi-purpose doors, all based on German standards.

Shakti Hörmann, as one of the leading global manufacturers of Doors, has aligned its vision with IGBC and has proactively adopted eco-friendly practices, which are the first of its kind in the industry. Our manufacturing plant has been inspired by our parent organization’s green practices and our focus is on environmentally-friendly production, through a comprehensive energy management system.

For over 25 years these Steel doors are sustainable as well as recyclable which makes them not only eco-friendly but also long-term durable. They are produced in a platinum-rated facility in an environment-friendly manner always keeping in mind long-term sustainability at the core.

What is your motto that helps the brand to continue as India’s leading door manufacturer?

Our vision is to introduce products and services that enrich customer experiences in the residential, commercial and industrial spaces. With an underlying motto – a good reputation must be earned – we continue our journey to strengthen our reputation as India’s leading door brand, built on the foundation of innovation, quality and customer fulfillment.

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Phone: 8142236677

MARTIN J. HÖRMANN, Hörmann Group

Managing Partner

Martin J. Hörmann is the Managing Partner of the Hörmann Group.

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