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Smoke Ventilation and Control Strategies from SE Controls India


Various smoke ventilation and control strategies from SE Controls are applicable in airports, rail stations, closed in concert/events arenas, large scale public infra buildings.

Atrium Smoke Control Model


Large foot falls calls for the most efficient smoke ventilation and control strategy making sure to have the most effective evacuation planned for the occupants in case of a fire emergency, with the least smoke stagnation possible.

In spaces with tall stacks, it is beneficial to design the smoke ventilation strategy using a two pronged approach, giving us a price optimum, yet effective solution to ventilation of such spaces.

Chimeny for smoke ventilationStack effect works like your typical chimney, hot air rises the stack and travels quicker when ventilated from the lower section for fresh air, creating a pressure differential causing escape of hot gases and smoke.

Make up air vents by SE ControlsThe use of make-up air vents in the glass façade allows to bring in the fresh air required as per calculations made using CFD modelling. Actuators and compatible controls tested and certified to EN only are to be used.

BEST GLOBAL PRACTICE – Vents are to be tested to EN12101-02 along with all necessary hardware and automation kit intact there by becoming a harmonised #TestedSolution.

Smoke hatches on the roof for smoke ventilationSmoke Hatches on the roof will allow the escape of hot gasses and smoke. Care is to be taken to the sizing, quantities and placement of the vents and area of smoke exhaust, also known as, the geometric and/or aerodynamic free areas, whichever is applicable/asked for.

The vent was manufactured by Ventline Dubai, (our partners for smoke hatches, louvers, with actuators and controls by us tested to EN standards)

The vent is to be furnished with such details, along with system tested to EN12101-02, including the motors which are to be used, providing a harmonised and #TestedSolution.

In Airports such as the new Mopa, Goa Airport make use of this ventilation strategy, thereby making it safer for the public visiting and transiting such airports. Maintenance is key to such systems functioning when required, and only the authorized OEMs must be given the contract to maintain such systems from the get go.

GMR - Manohar International Airport MOPA
GMR – Manohar International Airport MOPA

For further details on methodology, system design, and certified product application/s please contact,
YourVentilationCrew@SEControls.In | +91-99406 64360 ||

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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