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The Soudal Window System


The Soudal Window System (SWS) is one of the most complete systems for the closing and watertight installation of windows. Soudal, based in Belgium, is Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of sealants, construction foams and adhesives.

The professional window-joint system, SWS, is a combination of several products which provide the seal between exterior joinery and the structure of the building envelope. Soudal Window System (SWS) can be used in new construction or for renovation, in several kind of constructions (solid brickwork, concrete, timber frame, Passive House constructions), and in conjunction with all sorts of exterior joinery: aluminium, wood and PVCu. SWS has been officially tested in conjunction with various parameters and in various setups. Product combination can consist of sealants, membranes (several kinds), adhesives, liquid flashing, PU-foams.

When properly installed, SWS offers:

  • Airtightness and vapourtightness on the inside
  • Optimum thermal and acoustic insulation in the centre
  • Weather and wind protection on the outside SWS is therefore active on 3 levels.

    soudal window system
    Soudal Window System

The company, Soudal, established in 1966 by Mr. Vic Swerts, is 100 per cent family owned.
Soudal offers innovative products, providing solutions to most bonding, sealing, waterproofing and jointing applications. Their products are used in three principal market segments: construction, industry and DIY/hardware. In 2011, Soudal was named “Enterprise of the Year” in Belgium. The Soudal group, now, has a worldwide staff of more than 2500 employees. Soudal worldwide operates in more than 54 countries and exports its products to more than 110 countries worldwide. In 2016, their estimated turnover is approximately EUR 670 million. For more information on Soudal please consult the website:

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