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The 42 Performance Test for Façade Systems


The 42 is a 268 m tall (65 story) high-end residential tower. Currently it is the tallest building in Kolkata. The work on façades of this iconic tower is complete and it is built using high-performance building envelope/façade systems. BES has been appointed by the developer for façade engineering & consultancy from concept to site completion including site phase design approvals, quality control and site inspection for the residential tower façades. BES’s scope covers all glass façade designs and overall buildings envelope for the tower, lobby and entrances.

Mullion plan details
Mullion plan details

Following are key design elements of the tower:

Unitised bespoke glass façade system with high performance DGU

Glass railing for terrace balconies

Triple height entrance lobby façade using bespoke designs by BES

Large cantilevered canopies with steel structure and cladded

Steel canopy structure engineered and detailed by BES

BES has developed bespoke façades using Unitised Curtain Wall system to suit building geometry. Simplified and well resolved pre-construction details have greatly helped successful implementation.

Static water test | Dynamic water test Static water test | Dynamic water test

The 42 Tower, Kolkata

Floor details
Floor details

The 42 is a 268 m tall (65 sty) high-end residential tower completed and currently is the tallest building in Kolkata. It is an iconic tower using high performance façades and cladding systems, BES scope covering concept to completion.

BES value add:

Structural design as per wind pressures derived from wind tunnel reports

Robust façade designs to withstand frequent regional storms

Detailed engineering design to arrive economical design yet robust design

Advance engineering to meet highly challenging design requirements such as high wind pressures and weather proof conditions

Bespoke Lobby façade for triple height (12 m high) using vertical member only, without horizontal

Performance Test For Façade Systems

Pic. 1: Test specimen | Test specimen for water test Pic. 1: Test specimen | Test specimen for water test

As a part of the design verification process, typical tower façade system has been tested to make sure that the designs are meeting most stringent criteria and extreme weather conditions. This is full scale performance testing carried out at an external test laboratory, which tests for structural, safety and weather performances of the system.

Test Criteria

Performance Facade System TestingThe Table shows the key test criteria and test methods as developed by BES:

Withstanding Amphan Cyclone – Testimony Of Façade Design

Recent event of Amphan Cyclone has made a devastating impact on Kolkata and West Bengal State, The tallest building of Kolkata (250 m tall) “The 42 at Chowringhee” left intact with its building envelope withstood more than 150 kM/h wind speed. Happy to realise that the building developer statement aftermath of the cyclone appreciated the façade performances during the extreme weather conditions. Performance of The 42 building during the Amphan cyclone has been published in a leading newspapers.

Façades were designed to withstand wind speed approx. 250 Km/h, robust façade engineering designs by BES, were proven with natures test. To know more about the structural details and testing done, visit this site: https://www. 42-residential-tower/

Rajan Govind

Director, Façade Specialist

Rajan Govind has 25 years of international experience within the façade industry, out of which he has served more than 11 years at Arup. With a structural engineering background, he has good overall façade specialist experience. He has gained working experience in various regions such as Asia, the Middle East and Australia. He has successfully delivered several prestigious projects with integrated façade designs, involving 3D design, complex engineering and building integration. Rajan Govind is a Certified SGMM (Singapore Green Mark Manager), which enables him to understand sustainable design requirements from architectural and practical perspectives. He has technically lead, managed and delivered several large projects with highly practical and efficient designs resulted in successful implementations.

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