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The Dichotomous House Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

By: Ar. Shikha Doogar and Shridhar Rao, R+D Studio

The client, a family of 4, came to R+D Studio with a brief to design a 24,000 Sq ft house with servant’s quarters, a guard house and a store. The house was a home with views and vistas. It was important for them to have their house capture the landscape both inside and out. The daughter-in-law, an architect by profession, and son, an architecture enthusiast, both wanted the house to speak of the times and make a design statement both in experience and look.

The parents were modernists and wanted the house to be stately that would match their industrialist status and yet not compromise on the aspirations of their children. Unlike Delhi farmhouses, they wanted minimal bedrooms and utilitarian spaces with the ability to create entertainment spaces of different scales.

The Dichotomous House


The stairway
The stairway

The residence is a coalesce of two contrasting elements in form, materiality and space. Designed for a family of two couples- elderly and young, it is a binary of their spirits. The form is a composition of straight clean lines interrupted by quirky curves which evoke a sense of eccentricity in a stable geometry. The design intends to blur the boundaries between exterior and interior spaces bringing in the lush green gardens. The Dichotomous House Vasant Kunj, New Delhi Façade views.

The stairway The spatial hierarchy created finds small spaces complementing the larger double-height ones. The design has an open plan, a system of rotated blocks and funicular arches. The ground floor caters to the social spaces while the upper floor to the private. A basement with a sunken garden creates room for recreational spaces. The juxtaposition flows in materials as Corten steel having a rustic appearance sits with a white stucco finish.

The Dichotomous


Façade views
Façade views

The starting point for the design was the idea of yin-yang where we knew that the old and new were to be balanced. The design was conceived in frames that captured the best views from anywhere in the house with the idea of bringing outside in. The public and semi-public spaces were restricted to the ground floor and basement while the private spaces were stacked on the first floor.
The fins and their location were explored keeping in mind Vaastu, ecology and the different programmatic elements. The design narrative ties the landscape with the different elements of the programme and architecture making it an integrated design process.

Ar. Shikha Doogar and Shridhar Rao, R+D Studio


Shikha Doogar & Shridhar Rao are Founding Partners of R+D Studio - a Delhi NCR and Dubai-based Design collaboration dedicated to innovation in architectural practice through exploration of process and production. A practising architect for 15 years, Shikha spent over 4 years of her career as a Project Architect at Gehry Partners, where she worked alongside renowned architect Frank Gehry & his design partner Craig Webb. Prior to this, Shikha worked as the lead designer at Costas Kondylis & partners. Shikha set up her practice R+D Studio in 2008 in India. Shridhar Rao has over 23 years of experience in the field of architecture. During his tenure at Gehry Partners, Shridhar worked on many noteworthy projects including Museum Foundation Louis Vuitton, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, etc. Prior to this, Shridhar worked on many mixed use and commercial projects with NBBJ in New York. In 2009, Shridhar moved to India to join Studio U+A. Shikha and Shridhar hold visiting faculty position at Sushant School of Art & Architecture, Gurgaon, India.

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