For almost 68 years, fischer has garnered a widespread reputation for designing, engineering and building innovative fixing solutions. The company has its presence in 33 countries with 42 subsidiaries, production locations in seven countries and over 1,500 industrial property rights internationally. The company offers a wide range of fastening solutions in the fields of chemical resins, steel and nylon, covering a very broad application spectrum in the construction industry. The introduction of the new Fischer DUOPOWER is one of the most important product higher load absorption capacity. One soft and one hard component deliver the best possible match between turn-in and tightening torque.

Fischer Duopwer application images
Fischer Duopwer application images

The product has won many prestigious awards including the gold German Design Award 2018 as best product in the “Workshop and Tools” category, and the pro-K Award, an annual prize given by the industrial association of the same name honouring plastic products.

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DUOPOWER Advantages at a Glance:

  • Glance: • Two material components for even more applications and top load values in solid and hollow building material.
  • Intelligent self-activating functioning depending on the substrate. For a wide range of applications.
  • Best possible feedback (feelgood factor) of the plug. You can feel exactly when the plug is installed perfectly.
  • Installed perfectly. • No annoying rotation of the plug in the drill hole during the installation, thanks to the pronounced rotation protection.
  • The smooth running opening enables an easy activation of the screw and a safe installation into the screw channel.
  • The longer versions have additional “bite” in problematical building materials.

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