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Sudhakar Windows and Doors

“We Create the Frame”


GEALAN Private Limited – a sister company of GEALAN Fenster-Systeme GmbH is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of PVC-U profiles for windows and doors. The company aims to bring the latest innovations and technologies in PVC-U profile manufacturing to India. It draws on the immense experience of profile extrusion for more than 50 years of its parent organisation to bring innovative and class-leading solutions to the Indian market.

The company follows the ethos of GEALAN, i.e. Innovation Mit System to design and manufacture the most innovative profile systems with tropical climatic condition solutions for windows and doors. The GEALAN group of companies is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of PVC-U profiles for window and door systems. Across Europe, GEALAN employs more than 1,600 people and generated an annual turnover of more than EUR 325 million in 2021. Since 2014, GEALAN has been part of 1.25b euro’s family-run Holding Group based in Sendenhorst, Westphalia, Germany.

GEALAN–PRIMA (Simply beautiful windows)

The GEALAN-PRIMA system defines a new design language for uPVC windows in architecture. More light and transparency from the large glass surfaces open up new design possibilities. On the inside, the new system convinces a flush view without disturbing joints. While on the outside, the right-angled overlap underscores the harmonious overall impression.

GEALAN–SUPRA (A Class of its Own)

Gealan Window FramesThe new development in the 64 mm segment meets the highest demands on a profile in terms of design, performance, economy, and versatility. This is how GEALAN-SUPRA sets new standards. The 64 Series of GEALAN SUPRA is a highly specialised series used in making larger sliding windows and doors than usual.

GEALAN–SELECTA (The Innovation Sliding System)

Living space is valuable, so it should be put to the best possible use. For the first time, GEALAN SELECTA combines the space-saving convenience of sliding solutions with an extraordinarily compact design. This is made possible through a synergy of newly developed hinge parts, innovative profile geometry, and optimised seals.

For more details on the brand, contact:
10th Floor, RMZ Latitude Commercial Bellary Road, Hebbal, Bengaluru KA- 560024
Toll free: 1800 309 2526

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Sudhakar Windows and Doors

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