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WeeTect Introduces Hydrophilic Coated Anti Fog Window Film


WeeTect Material Limited, A Chinese company, a premier manufacturer of a number of permanent anti-fog solutions, introduced an anti-fog solution for window films with hydrophilic coating. WeeTect is the only company in China that has invested in hydrophilic coating used to make permanent anti-fog films, claimed the company press release. Quite a number of anti-fog solutions manufactured by WeeTect have hydrophilic ingredients. The company has continued to expand its state-of-the-art facility in Songjiang besides allocating more resources in permanent anti-fog research.

The hydrophilic coated anti-fog film a well-engineered product with multi-functional properties. It is a multi-purpose film that can be used for freezer doors, windows and windshield. This film is also available in customisable options. Thus, allows businesses to create and market their own niche product portfolio. It is also a perfect choice for OEM and ODM companies.

All our innovative solutions in the anti-fog industry aim to address the customers critical needs and new business opportunity using a hydrophilic coating anti-fog film for window, said Taylor Lei, WeeTect product manager. Our aim is to maintain an optical class 1 films for all applications and it is for this reason that we have invested in this technology.

Features of anti-fog window films

Hydrophilic properties: It is a safe and sustainable way to prevent windows from fogging. Hydrophilic or super-hydrophilic coating mainly depend on molecular interaction – between hydrophilic properties and water molecules. There is no chemical reaction. Thus, these films are safe for food processing industries or groceries.

In a research published by the company’s R&D team, the super-hydrophilic films reduces surface tension of water. Thus, water spreads into a thin, uniform film, which is transparent. This allows for maximum transmission of light and zero light distortion.

The working principle here is based on contact angle between water and window surface with a hydrophilic coating.

Anti fog solutions by WeeTect

This is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of eliminating fogging problem completely as you don’t need wind power, vibration or air to eliminate fog, added Taylors Lei. Hydrophilic anti-fog films for window films prevent fogging automatically and they don’t depend on any external forces, making it a more reliable mechanism.

Long service life: Depending on the chemical composition. Normally, the WeeTect hydrophilic coated anti-fog film can be used for 1 to 3 years. They don’t lose anti-fog property when washed several times during this period.

Chemical composition: At times, they could be anti-scratch, however, this does not apply to all anti-fog films for windows.
This new technology is reliable, efficient and can be trusted in solving all fogging problems irrespective of the weather.

For more details on the product, contact:
WeeTect Material Limited

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