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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

Wind-Proof Windows and Doors from ENCRAFT


In coastal areas or high-rise buildings where the local wind pressures are higher, ENCRAFT utilizes ‘Hurricane Bars’ as additional support to give further rigidity to frame members. ENCRAFT uPVC doors & windows can withstand storms gusting over 3000 Pascal’s which is equivalent to a speed of 245 km/hr. Design flexibility is a hidden strength of most uPVC systems.

The basic ENCRAFT uPVC window or door is designed to cope with ‘ALL’ Indian wind pressures due to its ability to insert structural steel reinforcements into the hollow main chamber of the uPVC profiles thereby achieving strength compatibility with wood and Aluminium. The technical excellence of uPVC, as a material, together with ENCRAFT’s expertise and R&D has been put into good use to introduce a modern uPVC window & door in 2008 that is proven over many years of service in varying climates.

All windows and doors are designed to meet extreme conditions and to comply with recognized standards such as the EN (European Standards), BS (British Standards), DIN (German Standards), and LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design).

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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